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Film photography in 2018: How

The part 1 of this blog tried to answer the question why shoot film in 2018. This part will tell you how to develop that film that you have shot on your camera. Because the color process brings some additional complications, I’m just going to describe developing black and white film here. There are more nuances to the process than what is written here, but I’m going over the basic process. I leave out some optional steps such as pre-wetting and a separate stop bath. After getting familiar with... continue reading

Be PROUD of your development!

This article is simply supposed to be a quick reminder of that we all, once in a while, need to look back at some of our very first uploads and compare them with some of our recent ones. This will allow us to see how far we've actually come, if not in picture quality then in tagging and naming (which is just as important in order to get hits)!Now, I advice you all to do this and be proud of what you've accomplished - regardless of how many sales you've reached.Here are some of my very first... continue reading

My development at Dreamstime

When I started at Dreamstime, I thought every times about potential sales. I read different tips many times, which photos I should upload to get high sales and approval ratio. But 4 month ago I decided, that I don’t want take photos without passion. I started taking the photos on my favorite themes (industrial, transportation, planes, trains). I started 2 new collections too (dreams of the sky and industrial and logistic in Russia).I get enjoy with each photo in my portfolio. And my approval... continue reading

What microstock photography gives to me.

I heard about microstock photography a little bit less than a year ago. It was autumn. September or Octomber. I'm start thinking: "I'm not worse than all these people who make there money. Why not to try?" And I upload my favourite files. How I was disapointed when I saw that only one or two images accepted instead of 20 - 30. And I give up. But in the begging of 2010 come back. In first months I upload something about 15 images. And on february first sales come. Next month I double amount of uploaded... continue reading

Old Memory by Camera

When I was in childhood, camera was memorized as a quite small but a supernatural machine, it could record many cherished people and scenery with just one sound of “click”. Pictures taken at that time were most black and white, however, it would be still a luxury stuff if someone who’s in possess of a film camera. Actually many people at that time only took pictures for formal occasions or went to camera studio having group photo as a souvenir.Till someday the pictures taken can be... continue reading

Learning from the Pros

This fall, I will have the chance to take two different types of photography courses.The first is an intensive weekend (3 day) course, the second is an 8 week online class dedicated to landscape composition.I haven't taken any type of photo class before (as the reviewers who see my non-accepted images could tell you!), with the exception of a disastrous community ed course that involved a lot of standing in the rain.I am very much looking forward tothese chances to learn from the pros.... continue reading

Canon Hacks Development Kit

CHDK extends your Canon PowerShot features without overwriting the original firmware of the digital cameraWith CHDK you can:* Save images in RAW format* Ability to run "Scripts" to automate the camera* Live histogram (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)* Zebra mode (blinking highlights and shadows to show over/under exposed areas)* An "always on" full range Battery indicator* Ability to turn off automatic dark-frame subtraction* a higher... continue reading

This is a happy thing

I find I love photography more and more. This is a happy thing.Dear friends,Are you so?Although no a long history of photography in China.But, the developmentmorefaster.We have seen progress.I hope that more foreign friends come to .welcom. continue reading

I am so glad

I am so glad.Because my first blog article was published.Although no one commented it.But this is a good start.I will writearticles more and more,in my Blog.I record the feelings and development in the Blog.This canimprove my English too.thanks. continue reading

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