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Winter in England

This has been quite a difficult winter for good outdoor images, too many days with poor weather conditions for good photography. We've had many windy dull days which makes outdoor photography that bit more difficult. Opportunities still present themselves if you are lucky and look for them. Getting up early to catch a good sunrise on one of the better mornings can definitely be worth it as the following image shows.I caught the right day with this image as the following day there were severe... continue reading

First smartphone pic sale

Today I got my first sale of a picture I had made with a Nokia lumia 1020 smartphone,it shows a rare Aesculapian snake resting on a branch.During a few months I was only shooting and uploading with the 1020, many photos got rejected and I wondered if I would ever sell any. Meantime I went back to "normal " shooting with my SLR but the whole thing shows that it is indeed possible to sell photos made with a smartphone.   continue reading

Stock photography, Hit or Miss

Seems like some people are just cruising through the stock photography with ease, and some people like me are really struggling.Is it difficult for you as well? what are the challenges you go through mentally, physically? how much hours do you spend? how long have you been doing this? continue reading

Difficult is to sell photos

That is difficult to sell photos, even for us amateur photographers this is a large window to the world to show our work, we complicated the concept of commercial photography.To my capture a photo is stop time, translate into space a memory, an expression of beauty, which is why we are interested in much more the picture spontaneous, external image.The amateur photographer is less commercial, but attempts to reach the level of a professional with experience in sales of their photos.... continue reading

Why some pictures sell

I wonder why some pics sell and why some don’tFor example compare the picture on the left and the one below.The sale for the first one is nill while the one below has 8 downloads.While the action depicted in both are same, the difference between them lies in the cap used.So can we say that the use of a skull cap made the difference?I think people select a picture based on what it stands for. Both the pictures show a man blowing a Shofar (which is usually done by the jews) and... continue reading

Two secondary level photos

To date, there are two pictures promoted two level, hereby commemoration. Dreamstime Stock is interesting to do, it is difficult thing.Of course, fun.Here are a few pictures of the new approval. continue reading

Assignment Fever

Ever been caught by the Monthly Assignment Fever? Being left ecstatic because your image was selected, or depressed because it was rejected?Assignments are a rather difficult exercise, with an approval rate of generally less than 15% - sometimes as low as 11%. For the newbies who are already struggling to keep a decent AR and are not too comfortable with image processing, this can be really intimidating. And yet, assignments are fun and, more importantly, very educational.First of all, one... continue reading

Panoramic images

Is it difficult to sale panoramic images on DT?I have some of them on line and any download of them.Do you think that this market is overcovered?Please, some help and a critic opinion:Thank you and happy new year! continue reading

Difficult 72nd Sale

After 168 hours' waiting, I finally have my 72nd sale of Shenyang Palace, which is from my first uploaded album.To my surprise, there is no any key word shown upon this picture's downloading. Anybody may advise me how the buyer find this picture? Maybe he/she found my homepage at first, then bought this picture?Very wondering........ continue reading

Personal income tax

Personal income tax is paid by Poland’s citizens and gave us an incredible strong headache because of its difficult. It is really something that outgrows almost everyone I know. It is complicated and change almost in every three months it is impossible for normal human to keep up for them, accept you are the accountant.The personal income tax is paid on a monthly basic and the deadline for yearly tax returns is April 30. We have got four different levels of such tax basic of our per year earnings... continue reading

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