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What I had never seen before

Seeing what you had never seen before.I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. It was stage 3 colorectal cancer had surgery, 6 months later it Metastasized to ovaries surgery again to remove ovaries.I then started chemo, completed this It then Metastasized to lungs and liver Doctor recommended cryoablation (freezing). We did this and it returned to my lung and we once again did the cryoablation.It has been 6 months and I am Cancer free!During this whole fight I found Photography... continue reading

Shoot Opportunity in 'Junk' Pile

My husband loves to go to auctions. He is always keen to spot a bargain and share with me all the reasons why he needed to make the purchase and how worthwhile the items/s will be! While there have been a few things that have actually been put to use, most are set out in piles on our property in an unused area. Recently I went for a walk around our vineyard, with my camera in hand. The plan was to capture the new growth on the vines. Whle walking past the aution treasures I happened to see a rusty... continue reading

Pebble Art (new imagination)

Each New Day , gives us a great opportunity to learn something amazing and transform it positively into reality .So far i have discovered things which make you work and improve on your photography is your happiness in what we do , consistency not to loose hope and deliver better and imagination ( just as kid trying understand universe and its parts )Enjoy my new creativity , using pebbles in my garden to illustrate some meaning    continue reading

Macro world in your own garden

Weekends at cottage offers a good change for taking photographs of nature and this spring I took a bit closer look in what is going on in my garden.I have one extreme macro lens which, due to its limitations, most of the time of a year collects dust in a drawer. The lens is capable of taking pictures of small objects/models that are only up to 15cm away (approximately) from the lens front element. The lens is Canon's MP-E65 which is capable of magnifications of up to 5:1x. So, as I've spent a... continue reading

Forgotten photos

It happens to me from time to time. I take shots and put images to my hard disk to process later, but then I have no time for a week or so. Or something attracts my attention and I took new shots and completely go mad on them and so, old ones stay forgotten.And so, I decided to start March with careful inspecting my HD instead of taking new photos. And it turns out to be a good idea since I found couple of dozens photos quite suitable to be uploaded on DT. And so, I processed them and uploaded... continue reading

New Trend in n/a Sales

I'm noticing a new trend:1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales2. I don't have any photos in the free section3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONSWhat does this mean: (My Conclusions)?1. The search engine has changed and since I have very little depth in my portfolio (high level images with lots of dls) it doesn't favor me.My images don't usually come to the first couple of pages in keyword searches....2. Regardless of the search engine... continue reading

Everyone has their own !

It is my own opinion that one is achieves their greatest potential by going with their own .I personally have a habit of zooming in on things.I magnify the image.I like to explore the minute details of objects with my camera.My method is a lot like the concept behind using a microscope.I have been successful at this with my drawings and artwork.I'm also trying to be my best at this when I apply the technique to photography.I am so excited that in photography, as in artwork.....we all... continue reading

Excited to Discover Usage of One of My Photos

Today I decided to do a search for Susan+Pettitt+Dreamstime which I have done in the past but I had never discovered any of my photos that had been bought being used until today.I have seen my photos in the past being used since I use to donate pictures to the San Francisco Zoo and I have donated a few of my other pictures to other organizations plus I had several newspapers contact me for pictures of Tatiana the Siberian Tiger.I am always excited to see those pictures come up but today I was... continue reading

Discover objects

One of the most popular subjects in Dreamstime are macro photos of objects, nature and other. They discover another world for us by closing to it.Simple clock is complicated mechanism, leaf is textured map of lines and simple roll twine is pointing the black hole in side. Without some description from photographer/illustrator I could not guess what is on some of photo.Guess what is it on this photo. Remarkable continue reading

Discover civilization

Amateur of travels, photography and film can go for a trip around the world without moving from the home, all of variety Dreamstime photos. Discover the phenomena of civilization today world, idea of balanced evolution of people, and our differential. It took me a while to find some photos that perfectly illustrate my idea, and here are they. People faces from all over the world, but not usual, not business or other related, just true faces. continue reading

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