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XRAY IMAGES - discussion about the information, art and legal issues

As the visible light is used to create regular images everybody is familiar with, Xrays are used for images of inner structures of objects. Both are actually electromagnetic radiation, stream of photons differing in wavelength - visible ~ 390-710 nm; xrays ~ 10-0.001 nm. Colors of visible light are coded by the surface materials that absorb different amounts of light in different parts of visible spectrum, however xrays provide us with information about material density within an object. Xrays... continue reading

"Your text HERE" - a good idea?

Check out this thread!In the above thread there is a discussion on how to remove the text from the concerned image. Now what I was wondering about is, why do people put that thing there anyway? That was quite a nice customer (or a desperate customer) who bought that file. Even if you do have the best greeting card background in the whole website and the customer has no idea how to remove your "Your text here" guide, why would the file be bought? They'd go look for something else.I have read... continue reading

Composition: subject in center ?

Every beginner in photography does one mistake which professionals don't like i.e. keeping subject in the center of the frame. He must have been bombarded of advice for not doing that mistake again by senior colleagues.Centered place in the frame is considered having less visual attention of the viewer. A subject in center divides the frame equally & may confuse the viewers eyes where to look at? This offers a less visual weight to the subject.As soon as subject is moved from the center of the... continue reading

About World Heritage

Hey, while we're waiting for my Transylvanian pics' process, let's talk a little about enviroment...mmm, not only nature conversation, but a special part of you know, what does it means: world heritage?UNESCO World Heritage program is to preserve and protect cultural and natural heritage all around the world. Conservation is really important in our world; we sell, we buy; making wrong decisions about nature around us, writing over our history in books...and forget the past and our roots... continue reading

Discussion on More Money or More Online Pic of DT

Just read one interesting blog established by a DT photographer. His question is very interesting:When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious?Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD download?Or when your 500th image has been accepted?And my comments is as follows:I believe both ways shall be considered! Earning money from DT is not the main make-living tool for most of DT photographers, I assume. However, the most accepted online pictures cannot be treated as a symbol of... continue reading

How to increase your sales?

How to increase your sales? Except to raise level of photography.I thought about this question in long time.I put the referral URL in my web site.I joined some BBS of photography and wrote the referral URL in my signature.I introduce the Dreamstime to my friends and anybody in anyway.But past one year, I don't found visible effect.Maybe there are ways that are very good to increase sales but I don't know,Hope somebody help me and welcome discussion for this question.Thanks. :)slei continue reading

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