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For each cent thank you

I joined Dreamstime more or less 5 years ago.This blog is to say thank to Dreamstime for each cent of dollar we earned together.Thanks admins for being so helpful and for forgive me when I was wrong.Thanks reviewers, you taught me much even if I didn't understand at the moment of the rejections.I will continue to work for Dreamstime producing new images for DT clients and they will reward me and DT too.Long life to Dreamstime.  continue reading

MR each time while shooting..?

As I noticed, there is only 1 MR needed here (for 1 model). When you shoot more times (different days) with the same model, do you sign every time MR? Or may I use same form for the whole year (specific) year..? (only once signed at the beginning)Thanks.Vašek continue reading

Model release, each shooting new release?

Can anyone help please?If I shoot with one model for example twice a week (MO, FR)do I need for each day extra release - sheet? Is there any way, how to use one for a month cooperation for example?Thanks for answer!Vašek continue reading

2 Downloads each

I think it’s interesting how 4 of my images have 2 downloads each and those are the only downloads that I have.Finally had some time to submit additional 44 photos that are currently in-review, so I am hoping that I will be over the 50 this week.Images that have 2 downloads each are: continue reading

Very first download for each of us... (a bit of nostalgia)

I would like to introduce my collection which is dedicated to very first downloads on DT for each of us.HERE IT ISI suggest to use this collection to share our first sales. Let each of us shows there a picture that was one's first download on DT. We all remember that brilliant moment when figures in "Uploads:" field became non-zero. It was exciting, impressive and gaily. And gave us lot of pleasant feelings. Let's get a bit nostalgia and repeat that moment.To get your... continue reading

Each sale gives me hope

I am a very amateur photographer and got into micro stock to try and improve my skills.Much to my surprise some of my pictures have been accepted by DT and some have even sold.With each acceptance and rejection I learn a little more and hopeful improve my skills.Recently I went through a bit of a dry spell on sales and saw my desire to take pictures waning.With only 36 images in my portfolio I do not expect much but the other day I got my first level 2 image and July has turned out to be... continue reading

You are one of us

Team is a community that is composed of more than one person, it is rational use of every member's knowledge and skills to work together,to solve problems and achieve common goals.Each of us is a member of the team, you may be a leader, you may be an ordinary member, but you are indispensable, you are one of us, you are the most important person. continue reading

Each upload is a celebration

Now I understand why people celebrate and announce their uploads. I went from 10 to 5 uploads a day because of massive uploads. Today I was "done" after one single upload!With this limit it takes forever to built a reasonable portfolio and everyone knows that size does matter.....Besides that: the last weeks there have been some technical problems that even made my 5 uploads a day impossible.I hope DT understands that this won't work for us (creative) photographers! continue reading

The Story Behind Each Photo

I don't think I'm unique in this regard: when I look at my photos, I almost always recall the story behind the photo.I can visualize where I was, where I was standing, what the weather was like, what I was trying to achieve, and what I had to do to get the shot.I like that about photography. Each picture is not only a visual image, but also triggers memories of the moment. You might say that each image is not just a photographic image, but a virtual image in the mind of the events behind the... continue reading

Photographers of the world: Let's be all stars! (or a funny way to promote each other)

Hi all! In my previous post I shared with all of you a video I created with Animoto.Well, I've just had an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if up to 80 of us (that's the number of pictures that fit in a average length song) appeared together in a video, doing what we like the most (taking pictures).We could show our family, friends, or even our potential customers -through our websites or demo cd's- how are we when we get our hands dirty ;) Every picture could attach a flag of our country and/or... continue reading

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