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Stock photography Per month earning

Time is passing and our world is getting modern .Now technology is advanced everyone can buy a decent camera and enter the stock world .But what if you got nothing earned even after 3 months surely you will be disappointed .Every one wantto earn money through stock but there are many many others trying same most people ask how much money we can make trough stock agencies let me tell you20 below average photo can make 0 to 1 $/month... continue reading

Great year

2013 was the most successful for me.I've reached the 167 sales for which I earned $ 501.88Satisfied with the work.Greetings from Slovenia and happy new year to all of you. continue reading

Well....Over a year since my first Blog Post. Trying to make a change!

My very first blog was titled "28 photos and $10.00 Later" Posted April of 2011.My Next Blog had a titled "I found one of my photos on the web!! And what a strange article!" posted just a week later.Well it's 2013 now and just wanted to share with the community how I have come along. Although I do not have thousands of pictures uploaded and most of them are of outdoors/nature, in fact I am lucky to make a sale a week nowadays ...and I completely understand why that is......I only... continue reading

My first 200 $$$

Yesterad, finally I sold my 129th photo and I earned my first 200 dollars? I'm very happy and finally I can buy a new lens. I'm thinking buy Tamron 90 mm 2.8 Macro; Is It good on D90 camera? Is it good for macro?And now some pictures of my DT portfolioGood luck everyone continue reading

For Those Who Love Reading Others Stats!

I LOVE reading other contributors statistics and milestone they have reached. By comparing my sales and money earned to theirs, I can somewhat rank where I stand among the whole. Validation, you know.I know I am no Yuri_arcurs (idol). So to any of you who love statistic blogs here are mine!Though I signed up for DT in March 2009, my first upload was at the very end of Aug. 2010...terrible I know! so I have been active for a little under 1 year.Active: 8 monthsuploads: 165Sales: 169... continue reading

I haz a sad face

My sales are slow..totally my fault...haven't been submitting lately.but...I haz a sad face because my last two sales are subscriptions.Lowest either one had ever earned was 50 cents waaayyyy back in 2007.The highest3.00 each as late as May of this year.Last sale 42 cents.... sad face( now before anyone says anything... I understand the concept of subscriptions, etc... just posting my honest thought... and you don't have to say anything.:-) continue reading

The first earned 1000 dollars!!!!!

Hi all.Today I would like to share with you the pleasure!Having woken up in the morning I have found out that I have earned first thousand dollars!!It is a little history :)Approximately one year ago I have heard about Dreamstime and that it is possible to earn money selling the photos but I have not believed. I have thought that it is one more deceit which it is a lot of on the Internet.I’ve been offered to try and it will be convinced that all is real. I was registered on Dreamstime... continue reading

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