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Download a new choice!

Winter, a lot of heating distribution businesses, online download pictures of heating equipment to promote themselves, increase sales, this is a good choice. continue reading

Creating and producing illustrations

I've tried various techniques to draw and create my images.Draw directly with the wacom tablet and pen.Using programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw to work in direct sketching.Draw by hand on paper "the old fashioned way" and then scan the picture.After dozens of tests ... the best way I found to work in production is:Create your artwork using pencil on paper. In this way keep the freshness of the creation of hand drawing.Then take a digital photo of artwork on paper.... continue reading

creating personal collections

Dear fellow membersI just need to know how to create my own personal collections, I have around 300 photos of mixed categories and i need to ease navigation for any user who wishes to see my portfoliothank you in advance continue reading

today i be the Exclusive of dt

my final to join the Exclusive of dt.i think that will good choiceand i could improve my skill hereand learn more and get more.eating and celebrate continue reading

Are you hungry?

Some eating proposal I shoot recently... continue reading

Fun with food.....

.......I just couldn't resist - my daughter is 16 months old and is learning to eat by herself. Let me tell you, she's a bundle of joy and really loves life and is always in a good mood. As a result, when letting her eat by herself, it has consequences that are just to much fun.While eating I just decided to move her in front of a white wall, and with a less then 5 minute photoshoot (flash mounted on camera, bounced from ceiling with white card to create fill light, and no post processing) these... continue reading

Making of objects with vector shapes

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and try to create simple work on a hard way.But then I'm learning useful technique and create patient person from myself.What you agree is must have if you work with 2d and 3d graphics particularly.It is a challenge for meto create masterpiece with simple tools.In 3d modeling you have polygons or nurbs curves.You create shape,then give your object the materials and textures,and create your testing image renderings.For large resolution renderings from 3100x2200px... continue reading

One of my favourites

Here is one of my favorite photos of the recent trip.It is of a Red-necked Falcon eating a Scaley headed Finch right after it caught it.So far it has zero views.Can you help to get the view number up? :-)You will like like it. continue reading

Cooking & shooting!

Just because I’m ashamed that didn’t post anything here I’ll mark:* Lately I’m trying to be a good housewife, student, wife and working mother, wich is not so easy, believe me, especially when I want to have my own time for my own things. So I found the right combination:When I cook for my savages, as long as the food become cool, I’m making my photographs… and I’m back in the game. My family is satisfied and me too. continue reading

Does making blogs help on your sales?

Hi, I´m new to making blogs in Dreamstime, and my experience has been really good, because I have noticed that my sales increase everytime I write one. Does this happens to you?In average I'm selling one image per day, but this is what has happened everytime I created a blog:25 feb 2010 - Sales 327 Feb 2010 - Sales 310 mar 2010 - Sales 311 Mar 2010 - Sales 319 Mar 2010 - Sales 8Of course tomorrow I will let you know how I do after this blog.... continue reading

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