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Little shepherd

The children of the Giriama tribe are supposed to make themselves responsible for various issues like taking care of the goats, of their younger brothers and sisters, fetching water and collecting firewood and even cooking the meals. As we walked along the Galana river in Kenya we found this small boy somehow bored, leaning against a palm tree and looking at us while the herd of goats he was supposed to have an eye upon was grazing a few meters away near the river bench.They take it as a natural thing... continue reading

Creative tickle to an unfear economy

Images of humor and satire to think of smiling at our own absurdity and to remain aware of social injustices        I think one idea has the power to change reality, it takes time and patience, the idea is to follow a share, but by an idea you start to go one way rather than another.As a creative I think it's my responsibility, what I accomplish, and I hope always in a dialogue with other illustrators.Even if the subject is not always politician it is a bearer of meaning. ... continue reading

Concept photography

Concept photography is still very challenging for me. The challenge is to visualize an idea in a single picture. In such a way that it is immediately recognized and that it needs no explanation. I have tried several, however, this did not result in a big sales. Here is my blog on concept photography.Maybe you can help me out? Are there good books about this? Or blogs?Below is one of my concept pictures: Always Connected or 24/7 Economy.   continue reading

After the Election...Christmas!

It's been a long election season here in the USA.Now election day is here and I'll be relieved when its over even if it takes days to count up the votes.It seems to have a strangle hold on the country's ability to think about anything else.No doubt retailers are ready for the public to stop concentrating on the election and start thinking about buying Christmas presents.With the constant negative ads speaking about gloom and doom in the economy its bound to put a drag on spending - despite... continue reading

It's the economy stupid!

I made these images with the U.S. election season in mind and the state of the struggling economy.Whether you're skiddish about the stock market, investments or your retirementaccount or if you're a fat cat with money stored in hidden offshore accounts, the idea of hiding money under the mattress or in the backyard certainly has occurred to a few people. continue reading

Southern Europe - dramatic but oh so beautiful

One hears a lot of talk these days about Southern Europe: Greece, Spain, Italy. Unfortunately most of this talk is rather negative, it's almost always about the dramatic economic situation these countries are in.I just wanted to remind you all that there's more to them than a troubled economy... they're simply amazingly beautiful!It's even hard to understand how such beautiful countries can be in such dire straits, with all the tourists that they draw in.I... continue reading

Featured Photographer

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the staff at Dreamstime for allowing me to be the featured photographer for these short seven days.I get so much inspiration from these featured photographers every week and I'm honored and humbled with this pleasant surprise.I'm still new to the world of stock imagery and I believe this is the wave of the future for shooters.The days of the clients calling you to some exotic location to shoot are few and far between.Since I've been shooting stock,... continue reading

Economic crisis

Several sectors of economic activity have been affected worldwide, a lots of cuts in jobs and spending.I wonder till what level,that is affecting photographic production .Specifically microstock contributors , artists (namely), Dreamstime contributors .And f some of you have changed ways and “methods” of shooting ; for example someone who used to take pictures outdoors changing to studio work a way to make a better profit ( saving costs ) .How do you think is the present... continue reading

Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving day in US, when Christmas shopping begins.While many worry about how to cook the big bird, others have something different in mind: to get the best spot in line for the Black Friday sale.Some people skip Thanksgiving to camp outside the store, others move their party to the campsite in the overnight waiting line.Stores open very early in the morning.At 5am, the final wait can be quite exciting.... continue reading

Be creative during the recession times

We all know how strong and unpredictable the recession we're in can be. While sales might slow down from time to time, I'm convinced that this coming summer there will be a new refreshing time of prosperity and possibilities. That's one of the reasons why, for example, I believe in uploading as many colorful and varied summer/beach/bikini shots as possible.During hard economic times all forms of art have always experienced tremendous growths in terms of experiments, forms and branches as well as... continue reading

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