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Abandoned buildings

I am fascinated with abandoned buildings.The idea of exploring the past through the walls of the forgotten building shells we have left behind has an allure to me.When I see a building that is overgrown with trees and is obviously not taken care of, I am drawn to document the memories hiding there.This first example is a building I stumbled upon while photographing next to the Ohio in West Virginia.I plan on returning there to photograph the interior at a later date. Some building... continue reading

Beware of Empty Praise

Maybe it’s a generational thing but I really have a distaste for empty praise.I really cringe at the thought of getting praise for work that I know is subpar.Maybe I’m too hard on myself but I truly believe one can not advance when one is constantly told how good they are if they internally know that they can do better.Sure it takes an outside opinion to give one perspective but we are constantly surrounded by biased opinions from family, friends and people desperate to be your, or anyone... continue reading

Welcome my luxurious meeting room

My empty meeting room,luxurious and modern----Chandelier at ceiling----Oh,my president , Let's begin-----My collection----Click hereWelcome! continue reading

Empty Queue

This made me smile, I'm not sure if anyone else will find it amusing. Below is a photo which I was sure would do well, but actually didn't. A few minutes ago though, it was downloaded for the first time. Yay! It was found with the keywords 'empty queue'.Wouldn't it be great if all queues were empty? continue reading

Empty airport - First editorial image

My first editorial image was uploaded AND approved today: continue reading

The moral value behind an empty Nutella jar

I want to share this story with you.We're at school, science class. The professor has some stuff in front of his desk. He takes a big empty jar of Nutella and asks the students: . They all say .The professor puts some big round stones in the jar until it's filled by them. He asks againand the students all say .The professor now adds some handfuls of small white stones that go to fill all the spaces, and asks againThe students wait a second, then say.The professor takes a bag... continue reading

Some interesting

Tired with my paper writing, so come here to find some interesting photos. Searched "nothing" as a keyword. Here are what i get:)We have nothing to see, nothing to hear, and nothing to listen to?there is nothing in the desert except sand... but beautifulterrible moment, nothing left in the wallet!!Hungry? But there is nothing to take...even no soup today!So this is nothing big?What are your holding man... nothingnothing... nothing......god'... continue reading

The Empty Picture

I find taking pictures for stock images a rather different discipline from what I was used to.For instance I would never have taken this picture, if at all I call it a picture.It says something for sure, but it is not something that is substantial or significant, or even profound. But then this is exactly what makes a good stock photo.Or so I think.For I think a stock image is something to which other things can and are to be added, to say many different things; and as many a thing... continue reading

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