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The Kung Fu Master of Stock Teaches Grasshopper About Social Media

"Here, Grasshopper," said the old Master of Stock Photography, "Take this hammer."At his command, Grasshopper obediently took the hammer and began to follow the instructions of his Master."Clasp both your hands around the handle. Good! Now hold the hammer down and below your waist. Make sure the flat part of the head faces away from you."Grasshopper looked up into the old mans face. "What are you going to teach me today, Master?""Today, young Grasshopper, we are going to learn... continue reading

New realistic render engine for blender3d

I'v been working with blender3d intense for about 3 years.It is pretty nice software for modeling and animation.For realistic rendering there are some external plugins like yafaray,luxrender,etc.My favorite external render is yafaray.It gives me the speed in my renderings and realism.With new blender3d 2.60 version it came also the new realistic rendering engine called cycles.It renders in realtime,so you can rotate ,zoom and out and see the final render very quickly.To get very quick results in realtime... continue reading

RELEVANT Relevancy Searches

I take changes here at dreamstime with a grain of salt...the administration usually does a good job of testing and tweaking until the change is fair and positive. BUT recently I have noticed a distinct downgrade in many of my images appearance in a search. When "buyer searched after" words are noted, I click on that search and see how far they searched into the hundreds of pages to find and purchase my image. The addition of the "best-selling" search option was very nice, even though it really doesn'... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Long-tail Keywords and Microstock

What are long tail keywords? Well, to start with you need to understand the nature of microstock and long tail theory in general. "The Long Tail," is a term that was coined by tech writer Chris Anderson in his article "The Long Tail" The piece describes how content providers - which is what a microstock agency like Dreamstime is - succeed not just by having "hits"; i.e. selling a few photos lots of times (bestsellers), but also but also by selling a lot of different photos just a few times.As... continue reading

How to search your own portfolio.......

Ok for some time now, in fact from the time I started on here I have all ways searched for my pictures by going into my online files link in the management area.As my portfolio has grown this has resulted in an issue that this feature will only return a maximum of 20 files.So with help from Tangie I have now worked out how to search my portfolio properly using the tool that DT has in place but you may never have found/used it yourselves, I certainly have never stumbled across it.So here... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Categories and Concepts

What's the difference between categories and concept words on dreamstime?The categories that you choose for your images are broad concepts after all - business, arts etc. But the method of choosing categories encourages you to place your image in the most specific sub-category that you can. Example: Business -> objects or Business -> people. I think that the categories should be even more specific to better guide the user who is searching for that perfect image.Concept words in your keywording,... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual people

The Practical Keyworder – Visual tools for Visual peopleWhat is the difference between cataloging your images and just randomly tagging them with keywords? The answer can be found in the definition of cataloging itself –Cataloguing uses langauage (words) to describe objects or works of art (images) in a way that gives a full sense of each object’s significance in relation to other objects in the collection, in other collections and in relationship to the world at large….The key... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder-Keymentoring and the

The Practical Keyworder - Keymentoring and the "collective consciousness"…You know by now that we are living in a new paradigm for content creation (see my earlier post Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness' ). You also know (or should!) that this is not a reason to despair or be discouraged. As contributors experience the explosion of wonderful content, they should not view it as just more competition for them - they should not feel lost in the crowd.One of my favorite writers, Clay... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness'

The Practical Keyworder - Microstock and the 'Stream of Content-ness'There has been a lot of talk on this site and elsewhere about the end of stock photography as we know it - even the end of microstock, which, not too long ago, was the wave of the future and the very thing that was killing stock photography itself.If I can repeat what I have said before (in my comments on a previous blog post 'Stock Sinners, Repent! The Stock World Is Ending!)' - it is a mistake to think of this as a negative... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Deep Search

Images are not made of words, but words are the only means by which we can organize, identify and find images. I've often wished that I could translate the look and feel of an image that I am searching for into something besides words - is it possible to search by painting or drawing a picture and somehow feeding that into a search engine? No, I didn't think so! Until that is possible, we only have words and we need to learn how to use them - both for our own success and for the success of our Dreamstime... continue reading

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