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Building your Dreamstime portfolio

I am new to stock photography!Now that a few of my photos are available online through Dreamstime, I'm excited to continue uploading and (hopefully) sell my photography.My next step is to build my Dreamstime portfolio and increase my exposure. Here is my plan to build my portfolio:1. Bring my camera EVERYWHERE!I'm starting to see stock opportunities everywhere that I go.Usually, I don't have my camera handy.Starting this week, I am going to bring my camera along with me, even during... continue reading

Now reviews anymore?

If I go to my pending files list, in the ETR-row I only can read N/A... that is since the last 2 or 3 days... is there any problem with the website? continue reading

For help, about the image audit

For help, in my "Pending Files" in A few pictures "ETR" this column is "N/A", "Status" this column is "Image under review," what is this situation? Can anyone answer next? continue reading

(ETR) Estimated Time Review...

To continue on my Patience blog, this also applies to ETR...Let me be the first to say that I had 12 images that had 24hrs in the ETR this morning, and they were all approved withing a couple hours.Thanks DT Admins...Your doing a great job...Except the ones you refused:-) Come on, that was funny...Estimated Time for Review is just that ESTIMATED.Yest the numbers seem high, but if we all improved our acceptance ratio I believe this number would come down.Clicking refresh doesn't bring... continue reading

My experience about making the ETR shorter

ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience, sharing with newbies like me.At first, let's see what should we do to make a photo online. Shooting, adjusting, uploading, keywording, then waiting for reviewing. Each of these work can take a lot of time but why only ETRbother you? Because you can do nothing to reduce... continue reading

Learned A Very Good Lesson From A Snail Early On In Life

Every time I see a new thread pop up about it taking too long for pictures to be approved I get this song going through my head from when I was a child.I am now in my 30's and I still remember life lessons that I learned through songs.The song that keeps on popping up in my head dealt with a snail named Herbert which he sang a song called "Have Patience"."have patience, have patience. don’t be in such a hurry. when you get impatient, you only start to worry. remember, remember, that god... continue reading

ETR (estimated time for review)

Some days after uploading some new photos I thought that it is not easy to respond for photo requests made in Dreamstime message boards.Let´s say that one designer makes a new topic that he/she needs a photo. When I make the needed photo and upload it, it takes sometimes almost a week when photo is online. many things can happen during 5-7 days.I think that maybe daily upload limit for all users should be smaller so that the waiting time would be day or two. Not long ago I remember... continue reading

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