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The Ever Versatile Beauty Dish

Today I thought I would share a classic portrait technique with you. This is a quick and easy lighting setup that can be used for head shots and portraits. The gear required is minimal and the space needed is even less. This setup can be effectively utilized in a very small space.The lighting chart shows the setup with a beauty dish on the key light but you can easily substitute a small soft box, shoot through or reflective umbrella if you do not have a beauty dish. The quality of the light will... continue reading

Have you ever had an Print-EL or Web-EL sale?

Dear DT Photographers,I just saw a blog entry whery a lucky guy is telling that he just hadan SR-EL sale. Well I don't offer these kind of licence, but Ioffer Print-EL and WEB-EL.My question is now. Have you ever had Print-EL or Web-EL sales?Me not, but maybe there are some photographers which already had some of these downloads.Thank you for your continue reading

Has DT Ever Given You a EUI

We are all guilty, kicking back with a few beers, wine, or whiskey, and some of us have been fortunate and slid by. However, for those who weren't so lucky have seen the flashing green swirls on their monitor, stopping the editing process, and asking them to step away from the computer, and to take a photoshop field test.More and more photographers are suffering from this fate which leads to rejected images and lower AR's. Please! Don't Edit Under the Influence. Let's make the internet... continue reading

Have you ever???

Have you ever tried perogies??? continue reading

First assignment image approved ever!

I was reflecting for a while (half an hour I think:)) whether to write this blog or not and if it’s right to write a blog about assignment image.But I just couldn't keep myself from doing it) It means so much for me! First image approved for assignment.My first attempt for this assignment (and the second ever) was not successful, and I felt rather disappointed as I spent several days drawing it.But then it was approved as a regular image and at that time it was enough for me.I wasn't going... continue reading

BME (Best Month Ever)

Hi everyone!March was an incredible month for me!I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before, I had the highest revenue of any previous month (although I only tied the previous month for highest sales), I increased my acceptance rate an entire level (allowing for more uploads), I had my first images added to other photographer's collections (thank you for thinking of me!), and I have all of YOU to thank for it.You guys even inspired me to think a little more creatively and add concepts... continue reading

Best Day Ever (BDE) ...

Today this image here on DT helped contribute to my Best Day Ever across all of the sites that I contribute to ...You can follow my progress each month on my timeline at my stock photography blog here:Mark's Stock Photography BlogMany have found my blog both entertaining and useful. I hope you enjoy it !Thanks,-Mark continue reading

Ever deleted your photos by mistake?

Did you ever deleted your images from your memory-card before uploading them to your computer?I made this huge mistake last weekend as my mind was all over the place.The images lost were from a shoot done that afternoon. I was extremely frustrated when I came to realize that this happened to me. I was already thinking about a re-shoot and how to confront my model with the bad news.After cooling down from my stress, I came to realize that there might be hope......I remembered that in the... continue reading

Very first sale ever! :)

I just sold my very first photo ever! I'm so very excited!Thanks a lot, Creativei for buying my very first photo! :) continue reading

Fastest Review Ever in DT

Well today I experienced lighting fast review by DT, may be in just one hour my images were reviewed and approved. I uploaded them via FTP has there was issues uploading the regular way. I was about to write to support for priority review, but it got reviewed even before that.So here are the images which got the fastest review for me in the history of two years in DT. More editorial images to come, watch out this space.This is Mohammed Bin Sulayem, About Mr. Sulayem continue reading

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