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The Zapata Wren: an extreme example for endemism

The Zapata Wren (Ferminia cerverai) is not only an endemic species to the Island of Cuba but also to the Zapata Swamps nature reserve and only to a reduced part of this wetlands.It took me 3 days to get the picture as the Wren was reacting to the call but staying always completely under cover, only at the third and last day it came out completely allowing for quite a number of photos.     continue reading

The WOW factor step one-consider your subject

I am excited to be taking my first online photography class with Jim Zuckerman and better The class I chose is 8 steps to more dramatic photography.Our first lesson was on selecting great subjects.And the assignment?Submit examples of great subjects paired with similar subjects that are not so great.It sounded deceptively simple, but when I closely reviewed the assignment and the lesson, I had difficulty determining what makes a great subject great.I used some photos from... continue reading

It's been a busy 12 months

Well to be honest it's 12 months and a few days but it has been a busy first year here on DT.I thought this small overview may give a little insight to the newer members and for those that like stat's.Well like quite a few here I joined in 2009 thinking I was great at my photography only to get a load rejected and I packed it all in until April/May 2010 when I thought about trying again.So before I started uploading again I read through the reasons all of my first submissions were rejected... continue reading

Develop a good travel planning routine ... some resources and example

I typically travel to the same places these days for work however; occasionally there is a new city to explore. I have an evolving system of getting a feel for a place before arriving through pre-trip research.These days it involves a series of websites saved as favourites and a couple of other routines:* Develop a currency conversion system - normally for a few different scales - 1, 10, 100, and 1000. You can write this on a piece of paper and keep it on you but it does not take muck to... continue reading

SMS Project! Practical example!

Hi all,I think after my first buying on DT I just went addicted on it :))Yesterday I set up the ideas with my new client on an SMS service project (Not telling the project of course :P) I had my ideas ready and the meeting just went the way I wanted it ;)As I said in my earlier blog after planning you go to organizing...I made up my imagination for a nice site header using these images.Execution (part 1)... Just pressed the download button on each image, so now I have the idea, tools... continue reading

My first lightbox prototipe

hello everybody!A have a great news!I've realized my first lightbox prototipe with plexiglas and glue!What a hard work!!!Here some example of my new work ... I'm satisfied about that!LOVE CANDLEBASIL AND TOMATOESHAZELNUTSAND CANDIESIs it a good result? Give me some advice and comments ....Have a nice day.Daniele continue reading

Lead by Example

Is just one of the phrase that sticks out in this image.Follow the leader.Following in the shoes of a parent.Guidance.Love.Raising children.Hey Mom! Wait for me!I unknowingly captured this motivational moment in time, and am greatly surprised. I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you all get the same good, warm feelings from it that I get. continue reading

Whatever happened to the Illustra ImageBlade?

It must be getting on for 10 years since I last encountered Illustra, I remember it was on a training course relating to database-backed websites way before content management systems had become the commoditised items they are today.It had one (at least one) stand out 'Wow' feature that I've yet to see since - the ability to search for images that look like a supplied example. If I remember correctly, it was all down to a plug-in search module called 'Imageblade'.OK, it wasn't perfect (upload... continue reading

Example of why selection criteria is so tight

In an article that (may) receives applause from traditionalists, Chris Ferrone describes an obvious case of sensitive usage associated with Model Release issues (or better said total absence of).Next time you get a refusal based on a legal issue (potential trademark infringement or something that seems nonsense about your MR) think about this case:Virgin Mobile using photo without a model releaseIs it the site's fault, the CC license's or the designer's fault? continue reading

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