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Excited for one download

That felt excited some one download one of my pictures since I signed in Dreamstime December 2th.That was my first picture to sell in my life although 35 penny. but better than nothing:) ,I have never thought that would be happened.I bought a small A6000 last new year 2015 .and I start to learn taking photos myself,and from Automatic modeto M mode.and decided to buy a full frame camera now.not just say how much penny I can make from here.but as a hobby,that will encourage me to take more... continue reading

Waiting 1 more acceptance for 3-digit club and new year celebration

It is less than 2 month, almost 70% rejection but now 99 accepted images. Sometime some rejected with totally unrelated reasons, but I can understand that different reviewers has different mindset for acceptance. Now excited to celebrate New year and hopeful to see 100th acceptance on 01/01/2016.Happy new year to all of you and best wishes for good sale.     Finally 100th here continue reading

My first sale

Good morning everyone.I woke up this morning and recieved a pleasant DT mail with the message that I've sold one of my photos on the last day of July.What an excellent way to start a new day and a new month.The sold picture is one of a Japanese garden I visited recently.  I'm determined to continu making photos and upload them to DT.So I made a few new goals for this month, which are:_ get 150 photo's online;_ try to get 5 sales continue reading

My first sale!!

Today I was having a really bad day, but then I got a notification from my phone that someone had finally downloaded my picture  I got really excited! I cannot wait to upload more pictures. I just wanted to share this amazing moment with everyone in the community. I wish everyone luck on their sales. Sales from this website make my day. continue reading

6 More to Go

Six more to go before reaching 50 images online, so happy.. Finally really close to be qualified to apply as DT Exclusive.  continue reading

Two Year Anniversary with Dreamstime

As my 2 years with Dreamstime approaches I have learned quite a lot, especially from members blogs. I have enjoyed seeing my photographs accepted and have been even more excited with my sales. I doubt I will get rich here but that is not important.I have recently been dabbling in illustrations, I have a lot to learn here; however it's even more exciting to get an illustration accepted as the whole concept is mine from start to finish. Where as a lovely landscape just needs to be captured, I haven'... continue reading

200 images uploaded

It's nothing when compare to others but I worked hard for this milestone. So excited! Keep fighting!!!  continue reading


Well, I am just so thrilled and have to share.When I logged onto my account I was so excited to find that one of my photographs had received Editors Choice.What an honour to be included among some of the most truly amazing images in this section. I was not expecting it and I did a little happy dance , literally, when I found out.Even shared it on Facebook!I have been a member of Dreamstime now for 2 years, almost exactly, and what a wonderful time it has been.I would like to take this... continue reading

First Stock Sale!!!

I'm super excited to see I got my first micro stock sale today. Signed up and uploaded last April but only one out of 5 or 6 photos was approved.Some were focus issues and depth of field issues and others were trademarks being visible. I uploaded 3 photos a couple weeks ago to give it another try and big thanks to the gate keepers at Dreamstime, they let em through.I got eleven waiting in line at the gates and now with the sale I'm motivated to send in more. I still have a lot to learn and... continue reading

First Sale

Well that was exciting! Hydee actually saw the sale first on her Facebook, as DT automatically posted for me.This image was my first sale on DT. I expected to be able to see some information on who purchased it, or what they plan to use it for. But, from what I could see, I can only check my earnings balance or look at my uploaded pictures to see which have been downloaded.Is there more information hidden somewhere that I am missing? continue reading

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