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Express Yourself

It's been few days since I started my participation in the message boards & I think I've mised alot of hot issues & discussions... (I hope no one is getting annoyed with my start there :)).I also tried to read threads as much as I can to know more & more about the site that takes at least 1 hour from me everyday now! (DT of course)I'm enjoying every section & everyday I learn more & more from it...Latest sections, Popular photos, blogs etc... But the message boards is the most useful place for... continue reading

Dogs Expressions - Many Faces of Emotions

Animal lovers will all agree dog's can display emotions.As a photographer its always a "treat" when something like this is memorialized in an image.Here are some examples:HappySad/ForelornConcerned/DistressedBad/GuiltyInnocenceSmilingWith this in mind, the next time you are looking to photograph your dog, don't just take a picture, try and evolke some type of emotion from your pet.It may take some extra efforet on your part, but you will be very pleased... continue reading

The difference a genuine expression can make

When I work with models for stock photography, it always feels the most successful when the model gives a genuine expression. I like to try to make my models laugh if I want them to smile.With kids you have to be really quick if you want a real smile because they usually have a fake smile or get out of control laughing.But that is the part of my job that I love the most, having fun and playing around and still making an honest days work. continue reading

An Unexpected Model

Very unique photo opportunities can present themselves at some of the most unexpected times. I was at the CAP 089th Squadron (Civil Air Patrol) to photograph their move into a new facility at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. They were moving into a place that had a lot of stored equipment, desks, filing cabinets, and furniture all over that they would be moving.One of the Senior Members had her very young daughter with her that night visiting. She was a bundle of ENERGY! She saw me photographing the... continue reading

My favorite model : expressions, sensuality and emotions

but it's also pleasant to work on particular EMOTIONS like happiness, sadness, madness...Depends on the model, our feelings are different and I think that we could have better affinity with some of them.What do you think about it?Here, I present you my favorite one:Thanks to him!Mgvuvan continue reading

Just few thoughts about correct white balance ...

I have read many articles and reviews about white balance in photographs. It seems to me that the main point is that it is important to achieve colors so that white on photograps has to look like neutral white on sunny midday.And when lighting conditions are different, we should compensate this in our cameras or color tune photos later with photo editing software.My opinion is that this may be true partially. I believe this is true in portrait photography and when shooting in daylight conditions.... continue reading

Getting Expressive

When working with models, it would often times seem that the vast majority have no personality at all.Well to be fair, I don't mean that they actually don't possess a personality, rather that they seem to only have one expression intheir repertoire.It is generally a mimicking of the disinterested fashion model expressions we have all seen in the glossy magazinesIts OK, but rather but not evocative enough for many applications.If your subject is a great actor, or just a goof, so... continue reading

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