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Tips to Rock your next Facebook Cover Image

Admit it, unless you live under a rock, you have used Facebook for at least some of your daily life.But what you may not want to admit is what kind of user you are.   Are you the “post every detail of your day from sun rise to sun set” kind of user?Or maybe you are the “I have an opinion and I just have to share it” user?Possibly you fall into the “I just want my friends and family to know where I am and what I’m doing” kind of user.Do you simply troll others online,... continue reading

How and why you should use stock photos in Facebook marketing

 Did you consider starting a Facebook marketing campaign for your business or brand? What do you think about Facebook ads? Did you think about using stock photography for your campaigns?Facebook is the most popular social networking platform ever with tw billion monthly active users, a milestone that seemed almost impossible a decade ago. We are talking about double the size of Instagram and Twitter put together, which means that when it comes to marketing, Facebook is still the first choice... continue reading

Facebook and photography

FaceBook is also literally BURST in Italy, with many visitors a day, although it is completely different from the search engines, and to some extent also from other social networks. So many people are wondering how Earning using FareBook, and while I think it is possible to do so, I think that there are enough tools in its internal valid for your online business that actually putenziale is even greater than you think, even if many do not know how to do. very useful in photography.FaceBook mainly... continue reading

First Sale

Well that was exciting! Hydee actually saw the sale first on her Facebook, as DT automatically posted for me.This image was my first sale on DT. I expected to be able to see some information on who purchased it, or what they plan to use it for. But, from what I could see, I can only check my earnings balance or look at my uploaded pictures to see which have been downloaded.Is there more information hidden somewhere that I am missing? continue reading

$200 milestone!!!

Found out this morning that my earning balance reached a $200 milestone with my latest sale! Thank you buyer and Dreamstime!This is great! continue reading

Creating Referrals

I started a competition on my Professional Facebook site, competition was posted as an event which says:$100 PrizeCreate a profile at your photosThe profile with the most photo sales at 11:59 pm New Years Eve 2014 will win the $100 prizeDreamstime is a stock photography website that offers your photos to businesses in need of interesting pictures. You can make royalties... continue reading

The power of social media - referred members

I want to share something from my statistics: "41 users were referred by you. 6 photographers were referred by you. 1 buyers were referred by you. 1 payment plans were purchased."This was done in the last year by using Google+, Google blog, Twitter and Facebook. This kind of promotion takes me about 1-2 hour/day. The result in terms of $ earnings is low, but maybe some day a big photographer or a big buyer will be referred by me. Wish me luck, I wish you too. King out and over. Have a nice day,... continue reading

Exclusivity facebook community

continue reading

Microstock doesn't work!

I bet a coffee You thought this post is a criticism about microstock and/or dreamstime!Absolutely not! This is a suggestion to promote Your portfolio.I discovered some weeks ago the hashtags and I started to use them immediately with some interesting result but I discovered that not all hashtags are useful. for example, MICROSTOCK, DREAMSTIME and PORTFOLIO are useless tags. They are too specific words so they attract few people. I suggest to use them few times.Interesting thing I noticed... continue reading

How to promote our portfolio to increase sale?

Dear friends,Happy Christmas to you all (in advance :D)I have a silly question and hope you don't mind.Is there any media (like face book, twitter or blog) to promote ours portfolio ourselves to increase the sale? Will it be effective? I believe DT will do it but I don't know is it better if we also do the promotion.Hope all of you have better sale in this coming festive season.Cheers. continue reading

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