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How to Swap Faces in Photoshop

Did you ever have a photograph and wanted to insert a different face in place of whatever face there was in the original? You know this can be done in Photoshop but what are the steps on how to do this? There are a variety of reasons you may want to change a face within an image. Perhaps you took a series of family pictures and someone has their eyes closed or the kids were making funny faces. You have nice images of each face but they're in different pictures and you'd have a nice picture... continue reading

Select your face

 Body language is one of a kind of non verbal communication (don't use the words) but using the body for example, by using facial expressions. Facial expression is one of the types of body language so that facial expression itself can be interpreted as a form of nonverbal communication, which can convey the emotional state of a person to the person watching it.Human beings can experience certain facial expressions intentionally or unintentional, but in general the facial expressions that... continue reading

Yin Yang faces set

Hi,I did some exploration and mad those cute yin yang faces      continue reading

"Athens Faces" / A portrait of Athens through its people's portraits

"Athens Faces'' is an ongoing photojournalistic project in an effort to construct a census of the city of Athens, Greece through random (and not only) people's street portraits...With this project I am presenting ordinary people of Athens and their stories, their everyday lives. Through their funny or heart touching, inspiring, educational or at times absurd tales, I aim to celebrate the beauty, the diversity and the charm of people, their uniqueness and their composite; as well as to boost a greater... continue reading

Seeing faces everywhere

There is one kind of photography that i like doing that isn't really suited for stock photography.Then again i like taking pictures, and i take pictures when i feel like it.In any case, one thing i do to make it even more fun is add small stories or thoughts to some things that i take photos of.For example taking photos of things that are one thing but may look like something else.Like put a voice to a single number or a letter of the alphabet (i mean think how they would sound if they had... continue reading

Smiles? No!!!

O.K., I've got a few images on Dreamstime, but I buy a lot more as editor/designer of one of our magazines in the indoor comfort market. I've been running into a recurring problem in that whenever I look for pertinent images that include people, all too often they're looking at the camera and smiling!I'm using these images editorially and that's useless to me. I need and want images of people actually doing things, not standing around looking like they're in a Macy's ad.I realize the smile is... continue reading

Models are cool .......

Hello all,I'm a newbe here and I would just like to say, what a great site and great community ! I finally decided to submit photos with DT and after getting approved, I was able to get a sale ..... crazy ! As of now, I haven't shot images with Models Faces in it, yet. It seems the truly successful photographers use Models as their ""moneymakers", but that just my observation. Any one else have any opinions on this subject ? continue reading

Euro Sides...

We are 27 countries now! With 25 different national sides of the euro coins...They represent many business activities & they are the daily use of millions arround the world not only Europe!I would like to have your suggestions which euro face you would like to see...See my whole collection in Euro Coins.Wish you many euros in hands :))Have a nice day! Cheers ;) continue reading

Dogs Expressions - Many Faces of Emotions

Animal lovers will all agree dog's can display emotions.As a photographer its always a "treat" when something like this is memorialized in an image.Here are some examples:HappySad/ForelornConcerned/DistressedBad/GuiltyInnocenceSmilingWith this in mind, the next time you are looking to photograph your dog, don't just take a picture, try and evolke some type of emotion from your pet.It may take some extra efforet on your part, but you will be very pleased... continue reading

Every day as the last one

Autumn! I am happy I have my first 100 downloads now. It’s a harvest time and my harvest is cool. And autumn happiness is also special. When you look at autumn faces here you can see they are really happy. It happens because people are catching that “last warm day of the year” every day )))It’s so similar to feeling of an old person who feels the time of his life keen and values it highly. Have a look at those autumn happy faces. Do you agree they are special? continue reading

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