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Fraudulent use?

Some weeks ago I used the "report misuse" feature regarding the following site:WATERMARKED IMAGESSince then NO answer from site owner, and NO answer from our support.AND NOW?What to do in such a situation? continue reading

Site feature I never found until now:

Call me stupid (well actually I'd rather you didn't) but after over a year on Dreamstime I have only just discovered a feature which will make my submission process easier and keep my blood pressure down.My problem has always been the "Auto Continue" feature. I like to select the next image to work on myself but AC just brings up the oldest image from the Unfinished Images pool. You can disable this but it works so fast that I usually cannot click it in time.The answer (for anyone that doesn'... continue reading

Keymentoring: What a Neat Feature!

A month and a half short of a year of being a contributor here at Dreamstime, this place continues to awe me!Over the weekend I had a few downloads and one of them was this image— five credits it earned me, I was very pleased!I will find out later that there was someone else behind the scene who connected this image to the buyer.As a part of my learning process, I always check the keyword the buyer sought after.In this particular download, that word was “nautilus”.Nautilus?Hmmm,... continue reading

Best Feature at DT

What feature do you think is the best at Dreamstime?My favorite would be the different levels & correspondingly different royalties feature.Here are 5 of my images in ascending order of levels:... But I like them all equally :DWaiting for your opinions about DT. continue reading

Buyer's Life made easy !!!!!!!! Search results are not rigged....... thanks DT

Well DT, from time to time DT added great new features, some great some not so great, of late two features which I like most is search and zoom.CHECK HERE IN DETAILS THE FORUM AND THE COMMENTSWell I guess most of you have read about these features in forum section. I just wanted to highlight about this Dynamic Search tool here in this blog.Today I was very busy and wanted some images of Srilanka, I was so busy that I thought whatever is first page I will download as I don't have much... continue reading

New Challenges

Just thoughts came up to my mind...A new feature was launched on DT few days ago, for who didn't notice it's order print on each photo!For more info about the subject check the message boards.The question is... How many portfolios are having photos that can attract the buyers to use this feature?! DT must have these statistics for sure!The other question is have you checked your portfolio if you have anything adequate for this feature?! I checked mine at least and as for now my answer... continue reading

Special Visual Angle for Photo

The 2 images attached are my favorite ones not only because they are quite explicit but also because they are my products in another angle of view compared with the big quantities of landscape pictures.Actually, from the beginning I was not interested in the shot taken at close range, especially the partial close-up, until one day I noticed from DT that many of the feature shots are quite attractive, even some of them can give some imagination. Thus, I tried to using a special point of view to... continue reading

Birthday sales

Hi all,Before I'll publish my third part of the Africa trip I had I want to share something a bit different.Yesterday I had two celebrations:The first one was my birthday (I'm 29 years old since yesterday.. :) ).The second one was my best day ever (sales wise).I'm not sure if DT had something to do with that (all the 3 sales were via key words) but I want to thank DT anyway (and the buyers).Actually I think it can be a nice feature - helping... continue reading

Feature Request, Buy instantly through paypal

A big hello to all the DT friends, and another very big one for the site admin and site feature specialist. I have one request, I don’t know if its an valid request or no: (Would like feedback from DT Users), Wouldn’t it be better if people can buy images and vectors without being a member of the site, I mean to say, anybody who visit the site can buy an image directly without buying credits, they click, its goes to any other payment options then using pre purchased credits. Why I'm suggesting... continue reading

The funniest feature on Dreamstime

Do you know the ‘smile generator’ feature?The ‘I look like a serious feature but I can be really funny’ feature?Maybe it’s just me but I urge you to look under ‘your earnings’ page at ‘Last download’ and you might find a lot of fun. Look at the keywords that the buyer allegedly typed in before buying you image.Most the time it gives you some valuable information but once in a while something mad happens and I love it. The keyword is sometimes so far from the image that... continue reading

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