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Where and how to find good honest critique for your work?

Dear DT community, I haven't been active on the site for almost 2 years now, because I've made a decision to refocus my photographic ambitions and interests following a more theatrical/artistic style.I've got no regrets doing that, however, it seems to me that I've reached something of a rut in my path. The problem arises with a feeling I have that each new project I start it doesn't end up pushing me towards something new or better. I don't get the feeling that I improve myself or my images... continue reading

First download!

 After four months since my first submission I finally got my first download! I'm just starting out but I've enjoyed the feedback from Dreamstime and it has helped improve the pictures that I'm taking now. I've learned to try various angles and compositions and I'm just beginning to experiment with lighting. I haven't made much money yet but it's exciting to sell my first photo. continue reading

Just 3 and a long way to go

hi all,so far added 3 pictures and well quite daunted by the number of grt picture people have taken and posted.I love photography and started dabbling with my dslr. Any feedback on my picture are welcome and really appreciated.Thanks and best of luck to everyone    continue reading

Newbie Alert!

I've been taking pics all my life but didn't start getting serious about it until my first child was born in 1995. A year later I started a small bakery business specializing in cookie bouquets. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot staging my cookies for pictures for my brochures.Speed forward to today, and while I am no where near a pro, I do have a few non-profit organizations that I take pictures for. Mostly, I cover events for organizations' web sites, social media and newsletters.My... continue reading

Six More Up, Six Down!

I opened my iPad this morning to find that I had six more photos approved! Looking further, I realized that six were also refused.The refusals don't bother me, because I really appreciated the feedback. I didn't really expect to get as much helpful advice from the refused files!So, all in all, I'm thrilled!This is one of the approved photos:  It was not cropped the way I'd like, but I can't get my iPad to behave and set it right! continue reading

Keyword Selection

        Firstly, think about what potential clients are looking for and anticipate whatthe word is they will use to find your product / image.Talk it out with colleagues and friends to discover what words clients would use when discussing your product.This is a great way to start your keyword list.Any feedback, discussion or casual comments about your product write the words down and then write them into your description.Google Adwords Keyword Tool, WordTracker, and many more... continue reading

Level 3

I finally have a level 3 photo since today. I am so happy.Thank you buyers!5 downloads : 1 photo3 downloads : 1 photo2 downloads : 4 photo1 downloads : 41 photoI find it weird to have so much photos at only 1 download?!Do you also have the same feedback? Do you have an idea how to explain that? continue reading

Achieve my goal for April

Already 50 images online for my first upload, and i have also submitted on couple of site, but i must say am satisfied with dreamstime for some reason, such as, its user friendly, easy to prepare your files for submission, and you can pop in anytime to modify your contents, which makes things so much easier, even though the beginning seems slow, but patience big virtue!Thus i wanted to share some of my latest uploads with you all, before my next submission and, i would really love to hear some... continue reading


It’s been a year since I became a Dreamstime contributor – WOW! I remember when I checked out this website for the first time and found so many wonderful photos and illusitrations here! I thought how nice it would be to see my photos here one day… And now my portfolio exceeds 600! This is something I’m really happy about! Dreamstime helps me to grow, develop and expand my horizons. At the same time, it’s a possibility to show the others what I see and what I like, and to let pictures live... continue reading

Giving & Receiving Comments

Isn't it a great feeling when someone takes the time to write a helpful, supportive or event positive yet critical comment on an image you've taken? Not only does it generate a nice warm feeling that someone has taken the time to comment but also provides useful feedback to the photographer.Although I haven't received too many comments on images I know how great it can be when I do get it and will undertake to post a comment on 3 or more images every week in an effort to spread a little cheer... continue reading

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