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What about vineyard photography?

We spent together with my wife one biking holiday in South Italy. In summer we ussually like camping on nice nature places. We didn't have any skills with camping at beginning of our foreign holidays therefore we met a couple surprises with camping accessories. After we assembled our tent our fridge needed to connect to electricity. However Italian connector male and female are different. A further day we went to town centre and asked one man where is some shop with electric accessories.... continue reading

4 aspects of photography that blurrs the background of a photo

In case anyone is not aware of the aspects that determines the intensity of the sharpness of parts of a photo (usually the backdrop), here are 4 things we need to take note of.The size of the apertureAperture opening size determines the depth of field of a photo. It is a common saying and most beginners even know that a fast lens with the biggest aperture you can get is desired for portrait work and throws the background out of focus so that attention is locked and given to the subject.... continue reading

Dear Deer, I think these are two of my best

hi folksWell sometimes it just happens. It would frighten me to add up the hours i have spent sitting in wet, damp, dark, smelly hides and come home with nothing. Then out of nowhere you get this  There i was driving merrily along the road in the countryside close to home keeping an eye open for anything worth stopping to take a picture of.The odd cow, a few sheep, couple of horses nothing to get excited about then WOW i braked so hard i almost put myself through the windscreen when... continue reading

My first assignment files.........

   continue reading

Cannabis Photography a Growing Field

Cannabis legalization has opened new unique jobs for both photographers and small business owners, With this new jobs are being created that are proving to be a great boom to the wallets of many. One field that hasn't been getting too much attention has been cannabis photography. With more business opening up the need to have proper unique photographs to promote these businesses is only going to grow as this new form of legislation continues to gain momentum.While journalist have always been... continue reading

Composing your Own Photo

Just think about this, you have a subject selected, but now, how do you make this picture as amazing as it can get? Well, you need to start off by knowing what makes up a good photo. When someone is looking to buy a photograph they look for key elements of composition, patterns in the photo, such as bricks, lines, such as buildings, shapes like public art, grass, and graffiti.They also look for colors, but be careful with colors because colors can mean white or black, not only the colors in the... continue reading

A Field of Daisies against the Blue Summer Sky

             Dreamstime.It is a wonderful place to share your images, and learn from the creativity of others.This article has been read 342 times. Readers have found this article useful.Photo credits: Chriskiely.This is a photo I took of A Field of Daisies Against the Blue Summer Sky - it caught my attention immediately, and I imagined being in a field of Daisies on a bright Summers Day, carefree and enjoying the sweet smell and ambience of the moment.As photographers,... continue reading

Collection "Tractor in the field"

Welcome to Tractor in the field! I hope you enjoy my collection! :)Here is some of my pictures: continue reading

The wild tell direction coup!

Photographer friends we all know, often in very remote field, it is easy to get lost, I here to share five recruit to distinguish between the north and the south direction of small knowledge, hope is helpful for you:Method one: you can find a tree pile observation, annual ring width is the south;Method 2: or to find a tree, on the northern side of the south side of wide spreading and sparse;Method 3: to observe the ant cave, the mouth of the cave is mostly toward the south;Method 4: many... continue reading

Controlling depth of field for lansdcapes

Modern cameras and lenses have given us many improvements over the models of old, but one thing that seems to have gone backwards is the easy control over depth of field.Way back when with my Nikon FM SLR and 24mm lens I could set the lens to f22 (nobody had impressed on me back then that opening up a stop on almost any lens would have given a better image) and then set the focus from the scale on the lens and know that everything from 2ft to infinity would be in focus.Nowadays lenses rarely... continue reading

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