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Star effect using natural density filter

Just want to share how I took this picture of the star effect of the sun.I used the 0.6 Natural Density Filter to get the said effect. To lower the brightness, I adjusted the EV value to underexposed the sky a little bit.The original copy had a bit of len flares, and had to clean it in the Photoshop. Alternatively you could cover the lens with your hands or cap to cast eliminate those flares, though.You could also use Star Filter to get the star effect, but thats the easy way out. ;)... continue reading

Out in the city with a new toy!

I wrote about some of my plans for a visit to Budapest a couple of weeks ago and was happy to see that 11 out of my 12 images were accepted over the last few days.I do not get out in the cit and shoot architecture very often as I live in the middle of nowhere but did learn some new things and also got a chance to put my new toy into action!TimingBudapest is a beautiful city day or night but as in all cities it does have its ugly side, at night it is dealt with by dramatically lighting the... continue reading

Content Filter On/off - Sensitive Photos

In the "Management Area" below the search field there is a check boxwith two little buttons called "Content Filter On/Off".When you search for photos with "Content Filter" switched to "On" allphotos which are considered by DT as "sensitive" are not shown.Per default for each account the content filter is switched to "On".Of course, what an individual considers as "sensitive" might heavily differby factors like age, background, culture, belief, gender etc.Nevertheless DT seems... continue reading

Content filter

I have 9 images of a rodeo event. This image, which is the first to be approved on April 19, has no views, while the other 8 images, which were approved 2 to 4 days later, have anywhere from 11 to 26 views. Upon further investigation, I found that the content filter of this image is YES, while the other images is NO. What is content filter? and how do I turn it off?Thanks,Gary continue reading

Do you use content filter?

I noticed existence of dreamstime content filtr before few weeks, when I began to upload some nude pictures and pictures from Amsterdam streets.I am not puritanical or religious, I draw naked peole at school,I take nude photos sometimes and I am tolerant andmiddle Eropean :). So I turned off content filtr.I think that much of nude photos looks more decently than pictures of people in lacy underwear for example.So I would to ask you:1. Do you use content filtr?2. Why or why not?... continue reading

Tips On Infrared Photography

Shooting infrared with digital is much different from my early black & white/darkroom days. But, in some respects is somewhat similar, because you still have a thick filter to shoot through. So a tripod is an absolute necessity if you want good, quality (noise free) images. Plants and trees are the most striking components while using infrared. Green leaves tend to reflect more of the infrared wavelengths than that of flesh or masonry. Keep that in mind, and remember that the images will come up ... continue reading

Keep it clean ... or not

Yesterday I got almost 2$ for a small download of this image, one of my first uploads to DT and 6 downloads so far:Now I went kinda far off post-processing this one, skewing colors, blowing out highlights and creating a strong halo around the turbine. I didn't know I was destroying the photograph back then, I just thought it looked cool. Well DT probably thought so as well and accepted it right?Most other stock sites rejected the image, for all of the above reasons. As I originally shot... continue reading

My first image on DT

HeyI'm very happy because today Dreamstime staff have approved ma first photo on DT...This photo show some type of tobacco and some tobacco tool: papela, filter...One question... Why when I search it in searchmotor I don't find it??? Help me pleaseThis is my photoBye bye continue reading

Content filter

Hello everyone.I have a question. Could you tell me something about "Content filter" in DT web page? What is the use?Thank you! continue reading

Coffee with no milk, images with no filter

Ok, so on my homeopath's orders I have stopped taking milk in my coffee. 9 years ago another homeopath booked me off sugar in my coffee. So what is my finding after 3 weeks of black, bitter coffee?What have I been missing! It seems like coffee has REAL flavour now. Can you imagine? That by diluting it, I've actually taken the real beauty out of the drink.Now the question is: do I do that with photography? Do I dilute my work with commercial cleverness to make it more susceptible to the buying... continue reading

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