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Hi World!

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Fireworks Photography Tips

   I have just published a blog aboutHow to Photograph Fireworks? in Middle East based Blogging Community Website, www.myblogs.pwSince the website owner doesn't allow to post the content in other sites, I'm inviting you to read it from that site itself.And to all my DTians hope the 2016 has started in good note, and how is the sale in 2016? and most importantly enjoy shooting.Don't forget to share your ideas and tips, as we get an opportunity to learn from the... continue reading

Happy New Year 2016!

Within few hours the new year is coming to an end. The party can begin. Were we foodies, we would think of the good food that we will serve tonight. Were we movie fans, we would think of all the new movies to be released in the new year. But we are photographers, so food and movies can wait. I am convinced that all would take out and arrange their equipment: tripod, remote control and camera, trying to identify the best possible location to capture the most spectacular fireworks.I wish you all a... continue reading

Some simple tips to photographing fireworks!

The fireworks are beautiful, they are fun and spectacular. To photograph it takes only little attention and a bit of patience. 1) have a tripod! A good tripod is essential, given the long shutter speeds. Choose a solid model, well balanced with respect to the weight of your camera 2)A long exposure. the shutterspeed should be 10 seconds, the aperture should be a value between f9 and f11. The lowest ISO value, the better. 100 ISO is perfect. 3) Use the surface of the water.... continue reading

Using collages - is it useful??

Hi all,Now, as part of improving my photoshop skills I tried something new. Icollected more than 10 photos I took on the same night and merged them into one as a collage. I took these photos in New York (actually New Jersey as I was on the other side of the Hudson :)) during 4th of July. I could have upload the skyline photo as solo and maybe one or two fireworks images. Eventually I decided to make this collage.It took me some time as you have to be super precise and calculate the needed... continue reading

Anyone need fireworks?

I have created recently two images of fireworks, it`s 100% computer graphics and not photography.I will be glad to know some opinions if as designers you need this kind of graphics.The fireworks are on a 100% black background so adding them to an image is really easy, just use the screen layer mode in Photoshop and voila :) continue reading

Collections Contribution Request Part XIII

Hear, hear: 6 new collections open for new contributions :)If you have nothing for this round, you could check my previous blogs or wait for new future ones! Here are past collections that are always open for suggestions:I, II, III, Iv, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, & XII.The only thing I ask of you is to suggest only what fits. How do you find out? By reading the descriptions of the collection in question. I'd highly appreciated it for this blog as well so as not to waste my time looking... continue reading

How the heck do you do that??!!

Ok, newbie, right here, question:I'm hoping to get some shots of fireworks (obviously) this weekend. I've taken photos of fireworks before and they were ok. These have to be superb as I want to try to upload to DT. I have a Nikon D5000. Where do I start, people? What's the key? Help!Please and Thank you! :) continue reading

First experience with shooting fireworks...

I always dremt to take photograpy of a firework. And finally I managed to do this. Unfortunately, fireworks are very short events and it is not possible to change spot adjusting for the best view. One does not know EXACTLY where it will happen. Noway to set composition before it starts...For my first firework session on March 6th 2011 (it was dedicated to the beginning of orthodoxal Lent) I choosen the spot at the Red Square in Moscow with Saint Basil's Cathedral that served as an excellent foreground.... continue reading

Fireworks Virgin

So I tried my hand for the first time at photographing fireworks and I thought I would share the results and how I achieved these results.Firstly here in the UK we are fast approaching November 5th, known as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, a celebration in the catching of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament, also known as the Gun Powder Plot.So we celebrate this with Bonfires and firework displays.Firstly I went to a large display, one that used very large fireworks.... continue reading

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