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What’s up with Growing Up?

My grandmother was born in central Minnesota and when the flu epidemics hit in the 1900’s, both of her parents died. My grandmother and her brothers and sisters were then put into an orphanage because there weren’t any other family members to take the children. When people would come to see my grandmother for possible adoption, my grandmother would either bite them or she would run away.When Olaf came to the orphanage, my grandmother liked him and said, “Wouldn’t you like to take a nice... continue reading

Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine: YES or NO?!

Hi everyone!I know this is not a photography issue but it concerns people all over the world & from all sectors!Recently it's passing on the news contradicted information about the swine flu vaccine! I still can not take a decision if I'm going to take it or not!So I decided to ask people in my e-mail contact list using this photo & here on DT whether they are going to take it or not!A YES or a NO answer is appreciated!Thanks!PS: Don't worry Gabriel your photo was sent protected... continue reading

Flu Season Ahead

The Flu season comes along almost as predictable as fall, spring, and summer.Although we are paying much closer attention to this year than most.The H1N1 has the potential to be a different kind of beast. Some say it's over rated and some say it will be a world wide event.One of the reasons we watch this so close is because this type of event has happened before with devastating results. The Spanish Flu in 1918 killed millions of people and spread accross the planet in mind boggling... continue reading

A Brush with Swine Flu

Everyone must have noticed that after 2nd August (mom’s 50th b’day) I had disappeared for about 10 days from chats, forums, blogs, everywhere! That was very unusual on my part since no matter how ill I am, I am on the web. But then I was very ill. After my mom’s birthday I went out with my friends for a work / leisure trip and when I returned on the 5th, I was down with fever @ 103 for around 4 days. The obvious suspect was swine flu, but none of my students, friends or anyone I knew had any.... continue reading

Swine Flu !

Swine Flu has reached our tiny island of Malta just last week - we have about 9 confirmed cases till now - Authorities have said it was a matter of when and not if the disease will arrive to our tiny island.What are your views about swine flu ? have you been in contact with anyone or know of someone who has or have had it ? continue reading

Flu bug

Before I get any further I want to give one little bit of advice.Wash your hands.Because this strain of Flu has never been seen before and because it has gotten the attention of the CDC, it is the news topic of week.What really amazes me is how small the world has become.I know at Dreamstime we have members from all parts of the world and that's what makes it such a diversified community.But a lot of the interaction is done electronically.As we see how this Flu is spreading to... continue reading

Flu Season

It seems that this year the northern half of the United States is getting a late run of the Flu season.It's bad enough when we as adults get sick because aside from trying to get well again it seems almost impossible to do anything else.The flu can turn a simple math problem into an intense thinking procedure.But when little children get sick it really breaks my heart. they are so innocent that it just doesn't seem fair that they should have to deal with it.I am hoping that as... continue reading

Oh no! Flu catches me!

Finaly when I was on the role flue attacked me.I was innocent. Just minding my own, eating cakes, drinking coffee, chilling, .... And the flu attacked me. How rude!And from one happy man I become sick man. Very sick.High temperature, pain in bones and muscles, sneezing and coughing...I'm not a good company now. I'm all in pain I can't even move to my pc. Coming, as motion, is not problem. Problem is concentration.My nose leaks! Drops are not tiny and one in a while. Oh no, I have a constant... continue reading

At doctor

Yesterday it was a terrible day,i had flu with temperature and headache and i thinking to go at doctor.So,in the morning i was at hospital.The doctorwas very nice with me :"-Good morning,how can i help you?""-Oh,i feel bad!"I told her what symptoms i have and she started to consult mewith stethoscope.After that...i was in the radiology officeand i did a X-ray butthe X-ray result was very well and the doctor were happy.So she told me to take all medicines... continue reading

You will get a shot.

I by my own admission am not a very trusting soul. And I have a small authority problem, but I'm not on meds for any thing so I think I'm o.k.The problem I'm having is that I don't like the idea of any person or government telling me what I need to inject into my body. I also like to make my own decisions as to what gets put into my childrens body.Of course I realize the importance of keeping disease under control but where is that limit?I remember not long ago the government wanted all... continue reading

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