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100 uploads

100 uploads is a good moment to celebrate, a good moment to start a blog and a good moment to take a look behind and sum up my presence on DT.When I started I was a complete amateur (and still am). I was uploading my favourite photos and couldn't understand why they were being rejected. With acceptance ratio well below 20% I was discouraged and for a couple of months I haven't even logged on to DT. 6 months later I came back, uploaded some photos from my trip to Tanzania and in May 2010 I had... continue reading

Free images?

I have given the assent for some images free....for marketing...but they are also been discarded by the section free ....yet they were not ugly and according to me saleable...then also the photos free must be perfect??were they perhaps too much beautiful to put free her and too much ugly to be able to put her in sale?!! continue reading

~Now i submit FREE images :)

Hello world ! :-)Now i submit more FREE images,enjoy to download :~)Good day !My background collectionMy Logo Design collection continue reading

First Free Picture

I always check the box to let go the picture to the free license galery if the picture is not qualified for the RF one. But I don't know why none of the rejected picture are accepted until today.The difference is today I let a note in the editor text area to state that I am agree to let it go free if it is not selected.And it is done for my clouds ;) which is not an exceptional one ... it is a kind of test. continue reading

Free images

Ever tried to sell an image with a strawberry?Tough, around 21000 images out there.Mustard seeds?!Not much luck either. So after one year I set them free. 2 images(on the left) got me 40 downloads (free), just over the half of my sales. These twomaybe not the best but they are probably not that bad either. I’m kind of happy that someone thought it was worthwhile looking and hopefully few last sales come because of that :))Nice day and kind regards,VirgilxxnP.S. What is a record... continue reading

......tryin free, we'll see.

Well, I took the leap and clicked the "ok to offer free if not accepted" button on my submit page, and wa-la, suddenly there were 4 free pictures offered by me.And, since I am only 3 months old, I still don't really know what I am doing, so most of this is experimental.I see some pros/cons offered by other contributors but I really don't know what to think....I guess we will find out. So much to learn...such a tall hill to climb, but I sure am having a great time!! Next step: to see if I want... continue reading

A Freebie!

Hello,I thought I'd share a photo I decided to make available free of charge here on Dreamstime.This has lead me to wonder what the benefit is of having free items. Does it really add more views to one's portfolio? Is it really just plain, good heartfelt contributing?The reason I added this photograph to the free section was because it's a photograph I took a few years back, with an older camera, with lower resolution. I had no real use for it in a professional (non - stock) portfolio,... continue reading

Free Ideas

As the title suggests, I'd like to share several ideas that I haven't been able to realize for some time :) I'm really interested to see if other illustrator or photographer would make it differently from what I have in mind about the idea. So if any of you choose to make something out from these ideas, please let me know so I can see it :) Cheers!Claustrophobia:Claustrophobic chick inside an unhatched egg.Enjoying Music:Three black ugly rats enjoying music from ONE headphone.The Deal:... continue reading

Buying pictures

There was an announcement that one of our DT members (from Wisconsin) is buying pictures.(with some conditions) and one of the condition is that the picture should be funny.So there is a frantic rush going on now with the deadline approaching fast and all trying to be funny. I mean all trying to capture some funny pictures. After all Mr Wisconsinart is “sharing his wealth” and why not make a grab for it.So I too decided to pick up my camera and go get some shots of something... continue reading

My new web site

HiFinally today was born my web site:Shot! Photo ServiceIn my site I show some of my pics on dreamstime and on Flickr and then I offer some free services like:Make brochures, make calendar, make photos on demand and more...I want to do this mainly to private people and to associations... I think that this site and this services are a good idea... and you?Please tell me your opinions on my site and if you'll find some errors... continue reading

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