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I Heart Freedom

A month into my tenure at Dreamstime and I may as well write one of these blog things.With a little luck, penning a few words now and then will help me work out what I'm doing right, and what needs improvement.Soooooooo...Two sales!Booyah!This may seem a laughably small achievement to the old timers but for someone who, until a month ago, never thought it possible to sell images for profit (without years of training, a dedicated studio and a camera big enough to be described as... continue reading

Do you have that too???

Last week I changed a photo, four years on DT, with 0 downloads to the Free Images. I wondered how fast and how much it was downloaded now.Do you have that too?Here you find two of the photo's changed to free images. continue reading

The ultimate in refusals, a Free image rejection...

I am a bit confused. I researched how to upload a couple of images to the Free section. I followed the instructions to upload by activating the option, that if an image is not approved for my portfolio, it could go to the Free section.  This is a similar image, because the system does not permit me to upload rejected images...These are the images IDs of the rejected images ...#18736558 and #18736567in my Rejection section (so I cannot publish the images) First and foremost,... continue reading

Getting started

From what I see, people just let it all hang out. So here goes. I am trying to undrstand the DT experience. Not really very good at it but anyway...People inform of their first this and their first that...So my first collection is up..don´t really know what for but if you want to comment I would love to hear...How do people react to these things...I submitted two Free images to see how that works.. can't show any images because they have not been published yet.Anyway, thank for... continue reading


Hi all!This is part of my old illustrations and not have success to sell for last year. On the other hand will be glad to help some, so I shared them in the free selection.P.S. sorry for my bad English i from Bulgaria:)Good day! continue reading

What about Egypt?

I have been watching the last weeks the social movements that happen in Egypt and I was terrified! It`s a tragic situation and I think that no one wishes something like that to anyone!Even thought I was only 6 years old back then I still remember the revolt that took place in 1989 in Romania. That revolt lead to the fall of the Communism in my country! There were some tragic events that killed over 1000 people that got out on the streets to scream for their freedom, and to bring down Ceausescu.... continue reading

Frozen beauty.

Hi to them all!Winters at us cold. Sometimes the temperature falls below -40°F degrees. The nature during such moments is simply wonderful. It's a pity just it is necessary to photograph very quickly as from a frost fingers of hands very quickly freeze.I would like to bring to your attention some pictures made me at temperatures nearby -40°F degrees.P.S.: Sorry for my English in case I make some errors ;)Thank You for Your understanding! continue reading

free image donated!!!

I am very happy today because I donated some image to the free section!I want to donated more image but as you konw my portfolio is small and DT require the image which must be online for more than one year.So I have not many images that meet the requirement.I donated 4 image today and will be more in the future! continue reading

New year, some changes

Dear Friends, belatedly, but with heart, I wish you a really happy and successful New Year!In the first round, with a free photo from my beloved country, Portugal...they're in big trouble nowadays unfortunately, because of some economist reasons, and I like to share this pic with you to remember its beauty. :)This is my first shot in free section, I hope it will generate some commercial sales, too.An other change that I finally enter to Facebook... :) So find me, if you like. :)(please... continue reading

Time is money, even when it's free

I've just completed a blog post on my website, but the images from it are not from my Dreamstime portfolio, so I can't show them here. However, the image to the left is used on one of the finished images, and by blogging here it will enable Yewkeo to see where I have used the image!This original blog post is all about working for free, and the considerations involved in doing so. If you think that you may find it interesting, then head over to my website at, click on 'blog'... continue reading

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