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A freelance photographer in Los Angeles

Hello every body! My name is Shouyuan Zhang. I am a freelance photographer. I have been working on photography many years and taken a lot of photos and videos. I am good at scenery,portrait,advertising and news photography. Hope everyone like my photos and videos. Thank you!  continue reading

Magazine Photographer - good exposure

Hi Gang!I'm freelance, but I also shoot events for a print/online lifestyles magazine in Arizona, USA.Shooting for the magazine allows me to meet new prospects, meet a celebrity or two, see new sites and it gains me admission into places I might not otherwise be allowed. And, it provides me some images for stock photography - creative and editorial.This exposure is good for business. You might consider doing some freelance work for your local newspaper or magazine.I've been nominated... continue reading

Royalty Free Clipart v. Hiring a Freelance Artist

Royalty Free Clipart is great on:- most personal and promotional uses;- website and blog headers, magazine articles;- promotional greeting and postcards;- flyers, brochures;- banner ads.Is best to hire a freelance artist if you want:- logo design;- an image "taylor made" for you;- caricatures;- children's books.Different Price Tags.Clipart is cheaper but is not exclusive, and any competitor can have access to the same images.Clipart Licenses have restrictions... continue reading

Making a living..

Microstock for the most part of people is a hobby. Or even a way to show some of their photographic work onthe net, and additionally having some income from it. Can imagine that to have a permanent flow of earnings ,”you” need to set up a very efficient model , of producing images. And at the same time to contribute with the right pictures(the most in demand). What I would like to know is if there is anyone out there doing a living from microstock? continue reading

I have a dream

Long times ago, I became a part-time photographer.I dreamed of becoming a Freelance photographer and a Columnist. then, I can use my camera and pen to tell the world, What happened next to me. continue reading


Just a simple question: do you, guys, have some ideas, how or where to promote yourself to get the job as a freelance photo manipulator, web designer, photographer and/or digital designer?Did I say "simple" question? Well, not for me. But I thought there are lots of freelancers around, maybe somebody could give some hints?I know there are sites like or, but it's hard to sound credible, if you place your first bids beside old-timers. If you need a co-worker, someone... continue reading

Beijing Olympic access for freelance photographers - China does it right!

After spending some time in Beijing and shooting several Olympic events I have to give some praise to China for how well they handled the masses. Specifically freelance photographers with no press credentials were treated quite well.The volunteer staff was very friendly and helpful. Despite all the security checks, I never felt like livestock being herded around like I so often do in western airports and high security events.There were very few restrictions on cameras and I was even able to get... continue reading

First Blog Post- fighting chance

I am not sure what to put into this blog. I think it will be about the shoots that I go on and the day to day of being a stock/freelance photographer, trying to eek out a living in a small US city. I will try to update it a couple of times a week.Right now I have galleries on a bunch of sites, and am sort of at a mid range in my career as a stock photographer. My galleries have some standard shots and then some really creative stuff.... but honestly I am not making a living just off of stock.... continue reading

Giving up the day job - permanently!!??

In December 2005, I quit my day job as a teacher - my aim was to do stock photography full time.The beginning of 2006, I went back to college to learn about setting up a business - keeping accounts, advertising, how to keep the tax man happy...that sort of thing. It was all very interesting - and I finally set up Art Splat Designs in April 2006.As for designing, and photography - I guess I've learnt along the way - and I'm still learning.It's hard work working for yourself, but "giving... continue reading

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