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Frozen time in Cuba

If you like vintage cars, Cuba is the right place to go! Old, tired, but still colorful, even shining, just like the people there with limited material resource but optimistic spirits. I did enjoy my trip there!                                         continue reading

Dumpling festival

On December 21, is China's traditional folk festival, in the north of people on this day everyone to eat dumplings. legend, if you don't eat dumplings,in this winter your ears will be frozen out, so, this day every family and everyone eats dumplings. continue reading


Just have to share this with you guys.One of my photos of the extreme weather in Europe was selected and shared in Dreamstime Facebook.Very cool (pun intended) :)Thanks DT! continue reading

Winter has arrived

Winter arrived in Calgary in full force last weekend, with a big snow dump and cold temperatures passing through 0 C...I had a tarp covering our lawn furniture that freezing rain pooled on and froze.I grabbed a chunk of the ice and threw it in the freezer thinking it might make some cool shots (pun intended!).I had no idea how cool - the little bubbles moving through as it froze almost look like mercury when viewed closeup.I put the chunk of ice on top of a glass and fired a wireless... continue reading

Leadership by Jack Frost

As someone else in this world, he will not leaves his power....but the day will come...! continue reading

Frozen beauty.

Hi to them all!Winters at us cold. Sometimes the temperature falls below -40°F degrees. The nature during such moments is simply wonderful. It's a pity just it is necessary to photograph very quickly as from a frost fingers of hands very quickly freeze.I would like to bring to your attention some pictures made me at temperatures nearby -40°F degrees.P.S.: Sorry for my English in case I make some errors ;)Thank You for Your understanding! continue reading

Not-frozen frozen apples

Recently I decided to train isolation technique and for this made a lot of everyday object images. Including apples, which charmed me at first sight when I found them in the market – so fresh and perfect in shape. In few hours my shots were processed and I was quite happy with them. But only at the beginning. Because soon I discovered that stocks were flooded with all sorts of apples and for this reason mine were declined elsewhere. This meant that I had to enjoy my apples by myself or become more... continue reading

Fog. Not always as bad as it seems...

About a year ago I moved to a part of Switzerland that is known for being foggy for four to six months a year.The sky during Winter here is almost constantly of a dull light grey, when it's not completely white, and the temperatures are almost always around zero degrees Centigrade.Dreary place, you'll say. Well, up to a point I agree. The local weather certainly reduced the amount of outdoor pictures I take during the cold months. At the same time, it takes fog and low temperatures to have... continue reading

Frozen vegetables better then fresh.

What about that.Some scientists where study frozen and fresh vegetables and they discover that frozen are better then fresh.They all have almost the same value vitamins and calories. In that point fresh vegetables and fruits are even better but yet frozen are better. Why, because of pesticides. Productions of frozen products are more controlled then ‘production fresh products’.When we buy fresh goodlooking salad we have no idea where it was growing, maybe in some... continue reading

Frozen photography

You know, in spite of physical impossibility (although, who said 'impossibility'?) there is a number of time-machines in our life.Undeveloped films. Lying in a fridge they keep memories from the past being just a piece of stuff in a fridge. Halogenated silver crystals -- can it mean anything? No, it can't.And then you get the film out of the fridge, develop it, fix it, and wash. You take it into your hands to look at, see pictures and feel... Feel what you felt shooting it. Where were the... continue reading

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