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To GIMP or to Photoshop, That is the Question

So you’re new to digital photography, and you are trying to decide what software you should be using to post process your images. Or maybe you are just trying to decide if it’s time to change to your platform of choice. For many facing this decision it comes down to a choice between the open source application GIMP (short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, of course), and the industry leading Photoshop software from Adobe. Before making this decision, it is important to understand what... continue reading

Retouching 3d renderings with gimp

After I've created my 3d model of Lamborghini Huracan,I've also wanted to enhance it even more.At first I didn't know what to do with lighter background,but when I've put black airbrush at he back of my vehicle,it was much easier to create amazing artwork.I've got used to 3d modeling and 3d rendering,but since I've been practicing sketching cars with my graphic tablet,I also use that knowledge to enhance my 3d renderings.On link below you can see what I've made from my 3d rendering,by using brushes,... continue reading

My Inkscape and Gimp Workflow

I have been working with Inkscape and Gimp on Linux and MacOS X for several years now and have developed a basic work flow that works well for me and creates images suitable for submission to DT.There may be other ways to achieve the same results but this is what works for me.I hope this helps anyone trying to get into use Inkscape and Gimp for creating vector illustrations for DT submission.While I do both photography and vector illustrations I find that I prefer to spend most of my time creating... continue reading

How to remove lens fringing on Gimp?

I'm only using nikon coolpix L120 and I just find out that some of my photos have lense fringing problem when I submitted them they were rejected. Can I get rid of it using GIMP? and How? And also how to get rid of it using lightroom 3? I've been searching in youtube but didn't find it. Thanksalot! continue reading

my first 3 pics accepted!

Hello!I want to share my joy with you - after a massive uploads and rejects, 3 of my works are accepted :)unfortunately, looks like all my photos with canon a95 powershot camera not compliance technically with this site standarts, as so no one of that works is accepted ( it is sadly, because most of my pics is taken with "mobile and everyday" compact, and some of that, i think, in the artistic value, is ok. but, what do...from now i try to use dslr more hardy ;)PS try tolearning to photoediting... continue reading

Using free tools

This is for all of the new members.All you old timers probably already have your tools you like.I have been on DT for since last February but I have been doing photography as a hobby for a long time.I am also a computer specialist and have been a Linux enthusiast for about 10 years.When I decided to get serious about my photography and start doing Micro-stock I turned to the free tools available for Linux vice spending money I do not have for professional tools.GimpGimp is a great... continue reading


Hello everyone!Yesterday I found out, that PS prevents editing of images that contain banknotes (or parts of them). Is there anyone who knows how I can use PS on such images? Or is there another way for processing images of banknotes (other than GIMP and PS)?Thanks for your advice! continue reading

Using Inkscape and GIMP to make illustrations

Being that I am cheap and poor, I use GIMP to edit all of my photos.When I decided that I wanted to give illustrations a go I found Inkscape, which is free like GIMP.Once I figured out how to use Inkscape I noticed that you can not save files natively in jpeg format.This would be a problem for submission to DT.No problem.Using GIMP you can convert an Inkscape svg file to a jpeg.Here is how I do it although there may be a better way.If anyone knows a better way, please let me know.... continue reading

A free program for additional format eps

Dear members of dreamstime,sometimes I am reading, that the additional format was not accepted. You can fix this problem, if you are using the open source program GIMP. It is an image manipulation program and it is free. You can download it on I had the luck, that until today every eps additional image was accepted by dreamstime. Gimp is able to save the image as an eps. If you have for example a jpg image then you click save as and write simply in the field the name of the image and... continue reading

Perfect symmetry

There are cases in which it's very important create a perfect symmetry in the illustration we are creating in order to balance perfectly the weight of the image, without visual and "psychological" effects that can make the image unpleasant to the sight.This problem was posed to me when I decided to create this crossAs you can see, the cross is much work and I wanted to be sure that "cutting" the image, it could be perfectly symmetrical.Here's how I solved.In gimp an other softwares... continue reading

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