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I finally reached a total of 1000 images online at dreamstime!I am very happy with this goal .... but according to my calculations I should have been much higher as the number of images (still following the average inserted by dreamstime).I will recover if I can, a piece at a time, for now, I'll show you the two pictures that made me reach a height of 1,000.G.E. continue reading

My first 100$!

I have finally reached my first 100$ today, after more than 2 years contributing to DT agency :) Although somewhere along the way I lost my hope for this thing to happen, when I saw today that I achieved it I felt really happy and raised my hopes and expectations back high.The most important thing I learnt along the way is too choose only the best of the best from a series of photographs. I have stumbled many times into rejections of images I really liked. Then I realised that most of them simply... continue reading

Close to my first goal

Hi i created account long time ago but wasn't been so motivated to upload files couse my first 5 images had no views for long time. Some of my work/fun i put here are photos that was shot and then i thought after "this one i can upload".I read a lot and know that success here is connected with planning and doing photos with vision of commercial usage.]Now after 2 years with DSLR and promoting my photo on personal blog I have much more experience with composition and working of quality of image while shooting and in post production. Recently i change my camera from Sony A380 to Sony A550 which is for quality of my future work/fun.My first goal is to have 25images in portfolio and I continue reading

reached a milestone

I did spot a photo of a ferris wheel I shot as a editor's choice, so that was exciting! and it sold the first hour it was posted!I figure it took 6 months to get the first hundred andhalf that to get the next 200 so maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks here? now to reach my first 100 sales....! continue reading

setting goals

Who would have believed a few months ago that I, a photographer without any training, would have reached over 100 photos accepted. The start of the journey was hard and after many refusals I wondered, (as many others have I am sure) if this was for me. I decided to take every criticism and use it to learn. Well all of the hard work paid off and now I can take a look back and walk tall. Now that I have reach the 100 goal, it is time for me to set the next one. To reach 250 by year end, and should I... continue reading

My hundredth image has been sold!

Today I reached my goal of 100 images sold, and I am very happy for this!This my hundredth image has been sold with 11 credits. I noticed that sales have resumed in May, perhaps with a lower rate than in the past, but the average selling price has increased at a level that seems more appropriate.The image refer to an aircraft exibition in June 1 2008, andincludes “four shots” in a sequence, which reproduce the evolutions of a military helicopter during a national manifestation.... continue reading

Portfolio Milestone - 1,000 Images

I just reached 1,000 images in my portfolio after ten months after discovering and deciding I should try this micro-stock thing.I must admit two things.1. I didn't think I'd reach this point this soon.Who could imagine there were 1.000 things to photograph? 2. I thought I'd be selling a lot more at this point. Too much belief in the hype from the golden days of micro-stock when the competition was smaller. Here is a little time line of my though process as I built up to this goal.July... continue reading

Milestone 100 sales!

Many people in the Dreamstime community repeat the wisdom "Keep uploading, the sale will come!". It really is true, slowly but steadily I see my sales increasing and as I continue to learn and try to produce more concept photos I expect the sales will continue to grow even faster.I have come to realize that stock photography is a long term investment. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I am in it for the long haul and I am happy with slow and steady progress as I am starting to see the long term... continue reading

7 months, 300 images on line

After 7 months of Dreamstime, I met a milestone of 300 images with this photo. It is encouraging to meet another milestone.If you just keep plugging away, you will reach goals and milestones. The trick is, don't give up and keep learning from your mistakes and the community. Thank you Dreamstime community for your support. continue reading

2 Milestones at the same time! 200 uploads, $100.00

Five months into Microstock at Dreamstime, I hit two milestones on the same night with this photo. Next milestone .... a level 2 image. One thing I like about Dreamstime and microstock is that I don't know where I will end up, but there is always that next goal and milestone right around the corner. continue reading

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