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2000 Sales _ Ok, so can I upgrade?

It is with great pleasure that I have today marked off another of the BIG milestones that I have been hanging for, for some time now …2000 sales!Rather fitting that is an image from within the series of images that were of my 1st kindling to my journey into my pursuit into photography.This marker now has brought with it a new "dilemma".So do I now still classify myself as a keen hobbyist? Or should I realistically start placing myself into a higher grade?It would be easy to say,... continue reading

Follow up to New Goal blog post

This is a follow up to a previous blog that I posted about my new goal for the month of 50 images approved with the ultimate goal of getting 150-200 approved per month.I got a lot of feedback on that post that stressed quality over quantity.I decided to make another blog post to respond.In my opinion, setting my goals to exceed what I have already accomplished is a way of pushing myself to perform better.Some may desire to have a smaller portfolio with a few high quality images and let those... continue reading

New goal for the month

My goal for this month is to get 50 images approved in one month.I set a new BME last month for images approved at 41.My long term goal is to be able to get 150-200 images approved each month or a yearly total of around 2000.What are your short term and long term goals? continue reading

150 online, it's time to become exclusive!

Here it is my first blog article to celebrate my 150 online photos!I spent over a year on DT, without blowing my pics on other stock agencies... and i was wandering: "why not to became an exclusive contributor?"So let's try! I hope it will represent an upgrade for my earnings, spuring me to upload more and better shots ;)Thanks Dreamstime!!! continue reading

Finally 200 images online

After a year and a half of hard work I finally have 200 images online.Actually 201 since I had a batch get accepted all at one time.If has been a long and hard road with a lot of learning along the way.Next stop 300 online. continue reading

Payout #2

I finally reached payout number #2 today.Yesterday I was at $99.99, short by 1 cent but went over $100 last night.This payout came 2X faster than the first.Hopefully the next will be 2X faster than this one. continue reading

200 uploads !!!next goal 300 !! When will that be ??? ;-)

205 accepted pictures from today ! next goal 300 ! continue reading

500 online ... Happy day

It has been an interesting journey but am now proud to say that I have 500 online. It has been a great process of learning what is deemed of sufficient quality and relevant to the market. I have some early macro images of the usual bugs and bees that certainly aren't the big sellers but as I enjoy those I still take them for myself and not dreamstime (which I'm learning is totally acceptable). My most successful images as it turns out are those that I've taken while on work trips and happened to have... continue reading

100 sales

I reached a new milestone, 100 sales.I know it might not seem like much but each new goal reached gives me more motivation to work harder to meet the next goal, which for me is 200 files online and 200 sales. continue reading

First 100 online story and future goals

Finally after a few months I have my first 100 images online, it has been quite a journey up to now. I started out in October to upload images to a couple of agencies. At the same time I was reading blogs and forum post to get up to speed.After a while I noticed that the microstock business was going to be a quite time consuming thing to learn and practice. I took the decision to go exclusive on Dreamstime and that really became a turning point for me. I was able to focus more on one place and... continue reading

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