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Straight Out of Camera

The term “Straight Out of Camera” is often being used in the photography community but it’s also a subject of debate, something that’s totally uncalled for.Straight Out of Camera (SOOC) means exactly what you understood it as. It just means the result (photo) was as it is, straight from the camera.Why “Straight Out of Camera”?With RAW files you can adjust pictures any way you like. With presets, you can apply to all your photos. Why bother SOOC?Trainers, workshop conductors,... continue reading

Recommended DSLR Camera & Lens Review Webpages

There are many websites providing DSLR camera & lens reviews out there. But, I feel that most of them are not detailed enough in their explanations. To me, I like in-depth reviews with technical details + sample results from lab test or real world shoots so that I can have a feel on how good / worst as the review mentioned.I tried to search over the internet & looked at many review sites for camera & lens. Over the time, I settled down with 3 favourite websites that meet my taste & the results... continue reading

Five Tips to Increase your Microstock Sales

1. Improve your shooting: Quality over QuantityEvery time you choose a subject to shoot, you have to think that there are already lots of photos of the same subject who are in direct competition with yours. Try to make your photo as good as possible, in order to make it a great photo.As in many other industries, in Microstock also the 80/20 Pareto rule applies. This means that 20% of the photos get 80% of the sales.In order for you to understand this better you can apply this rule to your... continue reading

The Beginners Guide to Portrait Photography

Just released, everything you need for the beginner.Go to continue reading

Children photography

Recently I reachedlevel of 150 pictures on-line here on DT. Mostly I upload pictures of active children, in their natural children world. I really enjoy it ( I remember my happy childhood ) because it brings me some kind of calmness and joy in real life of adults, full of stress and time shortage...What is the most important to produce such a kind of picture? What is a good advice for those who want to focus to this genre? Hard to say, I am not an expert, but from my point of view it is:1.... continue reading

Opening ANOTHER but friendly blog about similars

I´d like to investigate with the user community, the contributor community and the admininistrative community, the ideas / confusion that surround the concept of similars.I can only reflect on my own confusion, as a creator on concepts and images, at the ambiguity that exists.To try and illustrate, from my own perspective again, I will offer and example:BIG EARS splitSTRIKEThis is a series about ten pin bowling. There is an ample community of ten pin... continue reading

Shoot like the professionals.

This may be obvious to some and maybe not to others so I thought I would share.I'm sure there can not be too many secrets out there on how the pro's like say Yuri Arcurs get those great looking bright corporate style images.Some of it will be the equipment used and how they use such equipment, so here I am not reinventing the wheel but just going to point out a feature I find useful here on DT.So what settings are used on indoor shoots, how is that great DOF created, how is that... continue reading

Teach Yourself Photography

Are you new to the art and science of photography? Or maybe you’re a seasoned photographer looking for your next great read. Either way you’re bound to benefit from Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide (ISBN: 978-0-8174-3225-6).In this all-in-one field guide, Mr. Peterson has distilled all the pertinent information from his other best-selling books. These books include Learning to See Creatively, Understanding Exposure, Understanding Digital Photography, Beyond Portraiture,... continue reading

How to do Macro Photography

When we take macro photography pictures, we have three choices of optical solution: special macro lenses, intermediate rings (extension tubes) or bellows, and macro filters, which are screwed to the lens, just like a typical photographic filter. And please remember about a tripod. It seems essential to use the SLR, because even though compact cameras usually have the macro mode, it usually doesn’t allow taking pictures of smaller flowers or insects (not to mention overall quality of the photos).... continue reading

Published on cover of National Geographic Guide

Today I was surprised to find the Guide for Romania in German from National Geografic, with one of the cover photographs being mine.It is so hard to actually find where your work has been posted or published that I was actually quite happy to see this one.Here is the black and white version of the photograph used on the book, but bellow you can see the book itself.You can check the book here: Romania, National Geographic Guide.Along with this one, on amazon I found two over books for... continue reading

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