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Published on cover of National Geographic Guide

Today I was surprised to find the Guide for Romania in German from National Geografic, with one of the cover photographs being mine.It is so hard to actually find where your work has been posted or published that I was actually quite happy to see this one.Here is the black and white version of the photograph used on the book, but bellow you can see the book itself.You can check the book here: Romania, National Geographic Guide.Along with this one, on amazon I found two over books for... continue reading

referral programe

I am trying to activate my referral programe, but ending with errors. I try for so many time by copy and paste, but still unsuccessful. Of cos I’ll be proud if I can make it especially attached in my blogspot website, flickr, facebook, myspace, tagged, etc.My problemsis that, I still did not know where to paste in that particular website.Any ideas, pls guide me.14370066 continue reading

Edinburgh - tip or guide?

Hello,I'm going to go to Edinburgh in 13. May. Is here anybody, who could advice good tips for take photos? I don't mean mainly touristic atraction, but something else, for example what resident can know only :-)Or, if anybody wants new friends with taking photos as hobby, is welcome. I appreciate guide :-)Thanks. continue reading

Your chance to sell ( Buyers Guide Part B... Sourcing Image before buying)

Hello everyone, I know I should have started this topic in Photo Request Section, I have already one there but the response is null.Well actually I can search for these images in DT database, but would like to support my fellow DTians who is very active in this community.Well Im looking for some pictures of a particular dog which will be featured in our magazine, Im looking for Saluki Dig images, More about Saluki Dog (please do not post other dog picture here and spam this post, I need genuine... continue reading

The Beginners Guide to Food Photograph

The second in the beginners guide series has arrived. 260 pages of Images,Diagrams, recipes and Lighting setups. We have Also bundled the 2 books together at a reduced Price.Please go to for ordering information and Thanks so much for making the first Book a Huge success. continue reading

Purple Fringing Quick Fixes

Just wrote a new post at my blog twcdm.blogspot.comHere is a sample of that post.Purple Fringing, AKA: Chromatic Aberrations (sounds like something you would hear on an episode of X-Files), AKA: Lens Fringing. Even with the best lenses you will occasionally find these little buggers lurking amongst the edges of your photos. Purple fringing usually shows up as purple halo's around objects in the edges of your photos. Luckily there are a few easy Photoshop fixes you can do to get rid of... continue reading

The Photography side of Microstock-beginner to Masterclass

Call this,if you like, a "Photographer's Notebook" -these are lessons learned in almost 50 years of photography-aimed mainly at the beginner in the game of stock; But hopefully more advanced practitioners may pick up a trick, or wrinkle here and there. Regards, KenI believe it is best to take baby steps- So before you do anything, take these Three steps:A)Set your Focusicons - detach lens, (so you are adjusting focus on focus point, not image) - adjust dioptre (next to viewfinder)... continue reading

Stock Photographers Camera Buying Guide

I just wrote a new article at my photography blog about picking a camera to use for stock photography.Here is an abridged version:A lot of photographers out there might be asking themselves, what kind of camera do I need to take stock photos?Really the only requirement for camera's among most stock sites are that they are at least 3MP (MP not MB, MP = Megapixel MB = Megabyte) or approx 2000x1500, not much bigger than a 4x6 photo.If your not sure if your photo... continue reading

Photos That Dont Sell

I recently added a new post to my blog ( talking about what kind of images you might want to avoid uploading/ is a blog I started to share tips, tricks and tutorials about photography, Photoshop and getting into stock photography.A lot of what is on this list is only on the list because there is so much of it out there already, not because they are low interest subjects.*Disclaimer: I put this list together based on my own experience, just because... continue reading

"The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography"

I have just finished reading a book, The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography.It was very interesting, and explained difficultconcepts in an easy-to-understand way.As a newbie, I found several of the tips useful.Perhaps some of you professional photographers would like to use it as a teaching aid to instruct your children or grandchildren.I purchased it from - the link is here. continue reading

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