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First illustrations accepted

   two months since I started... 30 images accepted....I am being much more selective now....really glad my linocuts are now in ...but my drawings apparently need a property release...more to learn ..will keep going... but it takes so long to find out if i have done things right.... any advice would be great .happy easter x continue reading

Hello Easter

This is my first post in the blog. I've never really had before the blog. I'm not much writing. I have always thought that the work speak for itself without having to explain it.I started as a photographer, but it turned out that I am a much better illustrator. Still learning and some things I do not understand exactly how to make Tech.As a start showing some illustrations for Easter.Link to illustration    Link to illustration    Link to illustration    Link... continue reading

500 images in my portfolio !! Yay !!! :)

Six months of work on microstock - and half a thousand works online :)I started to do more vector work lately and often try to fill portfolio.Choose different themes - so fun to work with.Many of the works are sorted by collections.Very soon going to download several tens patterns - I liked to create them, and I think that they may be useful to someone.The main thing in our business - the presence of time to work and lack of laziness :)500th image:  continue reading

Mermaid in water with lilies and fishes

A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.   * Photoshop and tablet WacomFantasy art by Alena Lazareva.Thank you! continue reading

10 most used stock illustrations

If you want to create a flyer or a children's book, or you just want an icon to illustrate a button on your website, stock illustrations offer you a wide range of possibilities and elements that you can mix together to create unique designs or use them as they are.This wide range I'm referring to is a never ending cycle, beginning with simple patterns inspired from old, vintage materials, or architecture and continuing with modern age technology influences such as icons and infographics.Patterns... continue reading

ZODIAC -12 exclusive portrets

MY NEW ARTWORKS:Horoscope Zodiac - 12 Fantasyportrets beautiful woman             continue reading


Angels have appeared in works of art for millennia. Angel-shaped beings appear in ancient Mesopotamian and Greek art and were probably the inspiration for the popular Christian image of angels, a popular subject for Byzantine and European paintings and sculpture.Angels are usually intended, in both Christian and Islamic art, to be beautiful, though several depictions attempt for more awesome/frightening attributes, notably in the depiction of the living creatures, ophanim and cherubim.  ... continue reading

SALES Fantasy Portrets

In my portfolio now - 55 images ! 207 sales at Dreamstime.Most of these images - FANTASY ILLUSTRATIONS.Mostpopular - Fantasy portraits.4 of my images selected as Editors ChoiceImmerse yourself in the magical world with this Fantasy Woman Gallery!                            Thank you for visiting.-Alena Lazareva continue reading

My 1st 4 dozen photos online with Dreamstime’s bed illustration

My 1st 4 dozen photos online with dreamstime’s bed illustration wait for reach 50 now.As you know before exclusivity need 50 photo online so i wait for this moment when i will reach 50 level. last 48th photo ID 50365870. continue reading

200 sales, 57 images

Today 200 sales at Dreamstime.  In my portfolio now - 57 images !Most of these images - FANTASY ILLUSTRATIONS.4 of my images selected as Editors Choice  I have been drawing since childhood. I studied at the School of Art as an artist. In digital painting I like Fantasy stile. I like to represent fairies, angels, mermaids and mystical images and to use many light effects.My artworks are published in magazines of different countries (England, Australia, Italy, Russia)... continue reading

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