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new EXCLUSIVE collection

exclusive dreamstimers community on facebookhello today i started new collection on dreamstime,Please insert your best pictures here: exclusive dreamstimers, thank you!this is collection included photos and illustrations etc. from members of facebook community page supporting exclusivity sales on Dreamstime or or not yet added exclusive artists on dreamstime. this way i would like to invite them to this community facebook page if you want! thank you! continue reading

DT Assignment, illustrator discrimination.

Look through the winners archives and take note of how few illustrators are chosen. (Almost none at all.)ASSIGNMENT ARCHIVESWhy bother asking for art submissions, if DT won't pick any illustrations as winners?I want to see artists being treated equally. Perhaps DT could revise it's rules to include at least 1 illustrator as a winner per assignment. That would be fair. continue reading

Forum for photographers and illustrators (in Russian)

There are lots of Russian-speaking people there. It would be wonderful if they had a place to gather and to discuss photo- and art-related questions in their native language. So we started a forum yesterday:There are 6 people there for that very moment, so everyone is welcome. continue reading

Illustrators or photographers are more in DT ??

Illustrators or photographers are more in DT ??or illustrations or photographs are more....i am only an illustrator. continue reading

Tribute To Illustrators

As a photographer, I love to see my work used commercially. However, there are many places a photograph will not work. This is where the illustrator plays an important role. I do want to make it clear that I am not an illustrator. I took a drawing class once and progressed from “god awful” to “awful”. I just wanted to write this blog to recognize a few of the many talented illustrators on this site, and the hard work they do, and expound on what their work evokes from me.Here we have great... continue reading

Illustrators versus Computer

Let me preface this blog by saying that I belong to an active and varied group of artists in my area.These talented, skilled artists produce works in all different mediums.I feel blessed to be part of such a talented group of people and have learned much from them.As with other people in all types of occupations in the U.S., the talk within the group invariably turns to earning a living and the lack of jobs and new opportunities in today's current economy.Within this group are a number... continue reading

Forum for illustrators

I've just opened a forum for illustrators. So if you are an illustrator and if you understand italian language, come and see us!We can talk about DT or about tips and illustration ideas in general! continue reading

Illustrators, Please Help Me Improve!

I have been trying to create illustrations, but I am even more of a novice about that than about photography.:)All of the illustrations I have tried to submit so far have been refused.The latest ones were refused for this reason:"Poor execution, please pay more attention to detail. The technical execution of this collage needs improvement in order to best serve the concept of the image. For illustrations, please check for: poorly traced images, too simplistic, faceted curves, aliased... continue reading

Vue the Infinite

Hi all,I just wanted to post some very basic information/tutorials here on using the 3D software Vue Infinite 6.5 to create your images...more for illustrators than photographers, but all are welcome.I created this very basic, but effective image with Vue commercial version (5 minutes to set up - 20 minutes to render):If you've never heard of Vue (and I've only been using it avery short time, so am still a learner) you will find full personal learning edition on their website:www.... continue reading

One from Gettattoo

This image absolutely captivates me. when I first saw it in the queue, I wondered why it was in the illustrations section. So, I pulled it up to check it out. The image was absolutely stunning, but I still did not believe it was an illustration! After downloading the image, I got a closer look without the watermark. The image was even more beautiful! After examining a larger version, I can see now that it is indeed an illustration, not a photograph. This image is now the desktop wallpaper on my computer... continue reading

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