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Transparency Film

I am a great fan of transparency films even today. I was shooting images in transparency film even after I acquired a dslr camera. The images are so vibrant and brilliant. Then came a time these film were scarce and the processing houses were shut down one by one.Though I used to do E6 processing at home, I was not able to get the chemicals for that.Even the drum scan centers also diverted their business to something else.I was stuck with a good collection of transparencies shot from early... continue reading

An Open Letter to Designers

Dear DesignersYou are probably aware of the current issues regarding lowering cost of images, shrinking returns to photographers and the parlous state of the stock market at this time. Some are questioning that the current situation is sustainable.In a wider sense, this may or may not be correct, but dark clouds may be ahead.But please understand that Dreamstime is not one of the agencies oftenquoted as being at the heart of the problem.As far as I can see Dreamstime provides an... continue reading

Imaging Tips and Tools

As someone who has taken many wedding images in the past, I am registered to AsukaBook USA wedding albums. have used one of Desislava's wedding images to keep with the wedding theme...One of the advantages of this site was the introduction to a photographer called Kevin Kubota and his website, which has many tips/tricks as well as photoshop actions/plugins which have come in really handy in the past. The latest tip is for lightroom users deals with quick exposure corrections... continue reading

Imaging the keywords

I don't know if anyone covered that subject but here is my few cents. In stock photography we are familiar with the term "keywording the images". Pretty hard task to do. Sometimes even hard to figure ten descent keywords. With time we become skilled, we learn how to use synonyms, dictionaries, we research through other images, we learn how to answer on who, what, where, when, why etc. And at the moment we can say that we are skilled in keywording our images. But they don't sell! Why?Good keywords... continue reading

Twitter, Face Book, My Space, Learn More Photography, Learn More Digital Imaging, Stay Creative

The flood of information and tools needed to have successful microstock sales has been overwhelming me at the moment. Add into all of that the need to keep learning more about photography and digital imaging, plus the need to keep progressing as an illustrator, and you have one frustrated microstocker. It's important to keep up with the publicity and networking side of microstock as it is a business. But, the creative side is just as important as without new creative input, the images start to get... continue reading


Using opposite visual elements is another effective way to emphasize your ideas.OPPOSITEOppositionis about using opposite visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express.Opposite elements can happen in form and content.OPPOSITION ADDITION FORM - ZEUGMAThe Addition of Opposition in form is called zeugma.You add opposite visual elements to the image, for instance, the same object in two different times or places.Here, the Eiffel tower in Paris... continue reading


Let us analyse how to explore the differences to emphasizes your ideas.DIFFERENCEDifferenceis about using different visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express.DIFFERENCE ADDITION - ACCUMULATIONThe Addition of Difference is called accumultaion.You add different visual elements to the imageusually to suggest opulence.Also, it may suggest a large audience or a crowded place.DIFFERENCESUPPRESSION - SUSPENSIONThe Suppression... continue reading


Continuing my blog series of Rhetoric, let us analise the second form of relation between the visual elements of an image, the Similarity.SIMILARITYSimilarity is about using similar visual elements yet not identicalin the image.Those visual elemenst can be added, suppressed, substituted or exchanged.Similarity can happen in two ways, form and content.SIMILARITY ADDITION FORM - RHYMEThe Addition of Similarity in its form is called Rhyme and is the repetition of elements with... continue reading


Rhetoric is the the art of using communication in an effective and persuasive manner to influence the thoughts and actions of others.Its heavily used with images in advertising, so I thought it would be nice to share with you this information on this series of blogs.This first blog will address general aspects of Rhetoric and the Identity Relations.SEMIOTIC OPERATIONSIn order to emphasize the meaning of an image one can use four semiotic operations,Addition, Suppression, Substitution, Exchange... continue reading

What's the tools for me to edit all the photo

I'm a photoshop/image editor in Malaysia. i always edit the photos in my job so the softwares i using is Adobe photoshop(popular), and some plug-ins. Corel photo-paint also nice but i use photoshop often. Both are my favourite software to edit my photos. Some vertor works i will use A.illustrater and Coreldraw, but i didnt use them so much. because i major in edit photos.Then hardware i will use PC(windows) for my personal use, easy to maintain and upgrade. i also use wacom for my work, that make... continue reading

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