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Critics please ! ! !

Hi,I recently join dreamstime. After many rejection, and lot of survey on dreamstime, I decided to upload conceptual images. When I start shooting conceptual, I realize it is not easy, one need to think a lot for the conceptual subject. Though I amanged to uploaded uploaded conceptual images.Now I really want to know, if my conceptual is going in right direction, or whether my conceptual thinking is right or wrong, or I am making wrong conceptual images. I need your critic comments to improve... continue reading

The importance of copyrighting your images.

The importance of copyrighting your images.It may take a little extra time to copyright your vector and photographic images and no one wants to hear that. Isn't writing the description and thinking of relevant keywords for your images hard enough? But spending a few extra minutes to embed your name and contact information into your image is time well spent.First of all, and most importantly, you protect your self from another person taking credit for your image. In addition, you can also add... continue reading

Name it... Rename it...

This time I just want to call your attention about an important issue that many don't give much importance to it! Others might not know about it's importance!It's simply your photo name!!!Yes photo name makes a part of commercialising your photo and makes a part of it's success!Many photographers upload series of photos about the same subject and they don't pay attention that some shots don't fit the subject or the action! Just because it's for the same model and uploaded with the same serie... continue reading

Upgrade pains... And the importance of backups

For once, a blog post that has no real photographic content, just to underline once again how important regularily backing up your data is.Beside being an amateur photographer, I'm also a keen simracer (I use the simulator, essentially racing on ovals), and my computer had been "getting on a bit".Helped by the fact that I decided not to buy the 50D for a few more months, I had some money to spend. It went into a new processor and a new graphics card.In order to install the... continue reading

Importance of professional photography skills in stock photography

Are professionally trained photographers more likely to have better sales than amateurs who make wonderful photos as well? Is it really important to know all the skills and secrets of photography to become a successful stock photographer? Is it important for the buyer to know if the photo he is purchasing was taken by a professional or not?It would be great to read the thoughts of contributors as well as buyers at Dreamstime. Feel free to join the conversation. continue reading

The importance of confronting

Hi all, that's my first blog and my english is really horrible, excuse me. ;)I have 51 illustrations in my portfolio, i can't wait next assignment ! :) My sportcar is ready to start, do you see ? Ok ok, is a pathetic spam attempt, i know. :DYes, i am really happy to be able to compare my little experience withso many good illustrators. Is only a nice hobby in my life, but i try to improve my skills by confronting my ideas with others. I think that only by confronting itself with new ideas... continue reading

importance of time

Not only are we concerned about getting shots at that instance for moving subjects, time is of the essence especially during travel photography or street photography where the golden hours are the best timings.the morning and evening glows cast very nice light which even then, doing a HDR creates an even more 3D looking image such as thisArchitecture requires great lighting as well, light that can be hardly be controlled by us to illuminate the whole structure except natural light. While... continue reading

The Noun of Photography

I made a photograph.A picture.An image.An archive.A recording.A photo.A still.A snapshot.A landscape.A portrait.A closeup.A frame.A moment.A slide.A negative.A plate.A print.A polaroid.A capture.A grab.A file.Some pix.The process of making a photograph matters, as does the enjoyment, and the end result. But the noun? Not so much. continue reading

The Verb of Photography

I made a photograph.I took it.I captured it.I snapped it.I clicked it.I recorded it.I documented it.I created it.I shot it.I digitized it.I grabbed it.I exposed it.I archived it.I got it.I found it.I discovered it.I composed it.I framed it.I lit it.I arranged it.The process of making a photograph matters, as does the enjoyment, and the end result. But the verb? Not so much. continue reading

Importance of IPTC.

Up til now I described my photos only when they had been uploaded on DT. You know, categories, keywords, etc. I have never used that File Info dialog box in Photoshop. Until I discovered how useful that is:1. When you upload such a (described) photo on DT, the keywords and categories are automatically implemented.2. When a glitch happens while uploading (there were a few, including recent FTP problems), you are safe, because the keywords are with your file, not in the site's database only.... continue reading

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