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Tip of the Week: Keywording and image info

Having to come up with a title, description and keywords for your images or video may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow a few hints and tips, it really is rather simple.The entire goal of keywording your work is to give it the best possible chance of being found in a search engine, so it is imperative that the words you choose accurately reflect what is in your image or video.First of all, a title...the title should be brief and to the point, but not so brief that it is only comprised of... continue reading

Tip of the week: How to fill in relevant image info

If you upload your images to Dreamstime, then you should know that it's more than just the photo album you show to your friends or the stuff you upload on social media sites. Some of your images are getting accepted, some are refused for some reasons. And it's great to have files in your portfolio but do you think about the information you provide for them? Do you sometimes try to search your images or other peoples' images? What words do you use to find them? I won't write... continue reading

Keywording with an "S"

I've often wondering this question and have tired analyzing which keywording works best.1- Do you put a singular keyword as well as the pluerize version in your list? for this example, chair, chairs, row, rows, seat, seats.OR2- Do you put the singular keyword and simply include an "s" in the keyword list. Example;blue, stadium, chair, row, seat, s, ..I have seen and used both examples. So really my question is; when a client searches "... continue reading

Keywords are so important!

We all know how time consuming keywording can be, but it really is a vital stage of uploading that should be given just as much thought as the taking of and the processing of the image.Yesterday, I had a spare hour and so thought I would look at some of my images to see if I could improve the keywords.I removed some and also added quite a few new ones.I also had a go at using Yuri Arcurs really useful keywording tool to see if this would make any difference to the words that I was coming up... continue reading


keywordsI was wondering how you will act for entering keywords and titles of your images, especially when it comes to a series of images quite similar to each other or who are from the session with a similar concept.In general I write a description and keywords on a Word document with the description and keywords, and insert directly into the raw fiels before work, so that once worked and loaded the image I choose only the most appropriate categories and you're done, but at the end of the games... continue reading


Finally, my editorial photo submission was approved.My first attempt was refused.After some research, I found out I need to write in the description box;1. The name of the place where its was taken2. Date when the photo was taken3. Description of the event, photo etc.Not too difficult, isn't it? continue reading

Seperate elements or collections?

Hello everyone,I wanted to share this info with those who upload collections of vector elements or photos in one file. This concerns dreamstime agency the most. For example if you upload a collection of vector 3d web icons like this oneThink about a buyer who wants to buy only one element from this collection and he don't have vector editing software so he wants JPG version and the smallest size possible. For example one credit version (480x480 size). Instead of paying 1 credit he has to buy... continue reading

Info Lithium...

An info lithium battery has no memory effect mainly because it wakes up inside your camera only to bang it's head on your camera's inner casing...Then after a full recharge we shoot we shoot till 4 bars become 3, now the bump on the head incurs upon your day as it forgets 1 and 2 exist below it and jumps straight to low battery without so much as a second thought...If the info lithium battery could have a perfect vocation it would be the army, for then it would be on a permanent charge...... continue reading

MR library info - do check it !

This short reminder is directed especially to photographers shooting children (as the problem is more common there), but of course applies to all photos where people are involved.You probably know that our Dreamfinder has a nice section where you can specify a model's gender, ethnicity and age. When you submit a new MR, and you are careful enough to state that a John is a Male, you use that MR for your next submissions with the same model.Do you remember that people get older?Adults can... continue reading

Wow, smiling asian boy!

What can I say !Before, this image name was "Happy boy".After I posted a thread about image name..., and having some suggestions from our DT's Admin Petarneychev, then I changed it to "Smiling asian boy".Today, I got one sale for this image with keyword search "asian boy smiling". It exactly match with image name just in different order and this image appeared on the first one of the first page(sort by relevancy descending).Here is the baby boy:Thanks the buyer and Petarneychev!... continue reading

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