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Staying active to keep your profile fit

  Hello everyone its been a few weeks since my last blog, and don't i know it.You see when i was very active,adding comments and uploading, people were viewing my portfolio and i even made a sale.But last couple of weeks i have not found or had the time to do much except work.So my views have started to drop off.I joined this site to do what i enjoy and to make money from it, so that iswhat i am going to do, from now on i intend to be here at least every other day.That has to be a... continue reading

My Very First Blog Entry

Hello,As most of you know. I love taking photos so I decided to return to the uploading my photos on've been a photographer for most of my life, taking mostly photos of nature and wildlife and people.It'ssite for commercial photographers to upload images that could be used in magazines, tri folds, signs, catalogs, etc.Once someone is interested in uploading one of the images, the owner gets a certain percentage of the royalties, usually a small amount but still a lot of... continue reading

Get rid of blocking thoughts, free up your mind to do what you like

About 6 to 7 months ago, I lost all interest in photography. From one to the other day, it was simply gone. I couldnt find a reason within myself. I searched a lot, did a lot of meditation, NLP etc, but I couldnt find any reason why I had lost all interest in something I truly loved to do before.I tried to let it go, bannishing the blocking thoughts, but that was easier said then done. Months went by before I contacted a former NLP teacher of mine, and I asked if he would be able to help me, by... continue reading

Don't mention your interest in photography

Everyone I meet believes they are an expert photographer. It seems that the ownership of a camera and the expertise to use it appropriately can both be purchased from the store at the same time. Sadly, I didn't get the joint package. I had to study, practice, spend time reviewing, reading, trying, experimenting and learning before I became even half passable. All of this work has shown me that I am nowhere near 'best in class' and that I still have an awful lot more work to do.So why does... continue reading

Personal web site

Hi everyone,Opened a personal web site. Waiting for your comments.I congratulate everyone for the New Year.Good Work continue reading

100 sales.......and stock photography gets more interesting!

Seven sales in seven days has just tipped me over the 100 sales mark!It's surprising that, since becoming exclusive, my sales are now becoming fairly regular; sales are in double figures every month.For an amateur portfolio of 75 images, I don't think this is too bad.OK, i'm not on route to an early retirement through stock photography, but that's not really why I'm here.....although seeing my 'total revenue' go into triple figures does feel pretty good!I'm here to learn and develop;... continue reading

Passion for photography diminishes?

Have you ever feel that you seem to lose your creativity when taking photos? It does happen to me once in a while... Perhaps its because of work... What do you do when it happens? continue reading

Time division

For the past few months being 'free' and 'carefree' its a total feeling right now. School has started a month ago and I have been getting used to the school timings.Definitely school has taken al ot of my time away from photography as compared to the few free months before school began.Right now its a juggle of time between school, family and photography. Which comes first???I am sometimes in dilemma or should it be trilemma since its 3 issues all of which are of utmost important right... continue reading


In my country, there are only two kind of weather, hot days and rainy days. Sometimes I find weather in a way can be very frustrating, it stops you from going out into the rain and shoot, creates a flat and dull photograph with no contrast and worst still is to get the camera wet and risk mould developing.Yet, I always got to try and think positive about what to do with it when its really wet and humid out there. Rain provides an opportunity to create a different landscape with water streaks across... continue reading

Stepping on the path of stock photography

I must admit I am not the best photographer out there not am I giving the best submissions for sale. Yet I must say stock photography changed my perspective at taking photographs.In the past I took so many photos, keeping them was good in a way but for a whole collection of street abstract they even mean a thing?I don't have so much memory space on my hard disk! I dump them all to Flickr as an online hard disk. How cruel to the photos can I get?Why not make something out... continue reading

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