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Grocery Store Interiors

My adventure in photography getting a bit more wider since I accepted the truth that I have the obligation of carrying a camera with me where ever I go. This is relatively freeing because I don't have to make plans to go out shooting anymore - since I have my camera with me I'm always out shooting when I go out.This makes possible to me to take photography inside of grocery stores in the small town I'm living. Best part of living in a place like this that people are (at least some... continue reading

More than 1K works in my portfolio

Hello fellow DT community. I want to share my joy. I work in the portfolio in 1002 to DT. For this I needed a 1 year and 17 days.. I sincerely hope that this will affect the sale Number. In any case, the works continue and move forwardSome my new render in portfolio   continue reading

Soon New Year! Hurrah!

Here also New year, and with it and new ideas for illustrations came. Though by new year of 10 more days, our New Year's that on DT started being on sale since summer. Thus the favourite in our collection was formed :)  This illustration from a last year's New Year's collection was on sale 56 times on DT and brought in to more than $100 the income, thereby well stimulated sales of other 3d visualization. Even wanted to redeem copyright of this 3D visualization from us. We solved that we won'... continue reading

My blog - my decoupage works

Stylish life. Fresh ideas. Attention to details. Discover a world full of color, glamour and great mood.I hope you will have fun reviewing my posts and you will choose to have more color and joy in your daily life.Check out blog;Blog continue reading

Interior photography

Well this article is for a newbies. If you have some information to fill up, I would be thankful.So what you need to interior photography? First of all your camera :) Then it is helpful to have lens at about 10-20mm angle diapason. If the room or hall is quite big, then it could be enough to have at about 30mm angle lens. But if you want to make photos of ordinary home interior, 10-20mm angle diapason is really helpful.I don't used any flash or other light apart from light that comes through... continue reading

My First Level 2 Image - Hotel bedroom

Hi...After five month in DT, there is one good reason I can say cheers right now.. I got my first Level 2 image here. hehe...and following pic will level 2 very soon continue reading

Home sweet home

Hey, just an other promotion of my new accepted photos (still have no enough time), and a question - What is your favorite place in your home? (I love our kitchen, because I'm keen on cooking :) - but you won't see it on my shots, because it's not my house :D). continue reading

Such uneasy simple things

As it is known, at photographic shooting of any object it is important to open its sense, the internal maintenance. Interior subjects in this respect are not an exception: important not simply to show object in a shot, but also to show to the spectator all its major properties.It also has been made by me in the course of subject shooting - a green sphere with cavities inside. That the sphere has begun to sparkle in beams of studio flash, slanting light falling at the left has been chosen. Well... continue reading

Photography Architecture and Interior Design

I'm slowly trying to expand my portfolio and get a feel for what direction I want to go with my photography.So, I've decided to try my hand or lens at Architecture and Interior Design photography.It turns out it's much harder than it looks.I would say it's the hardest type of photography I've done thus far.Sure, it's easy to just take the photo and you'll see a lot of photos of interior on Real Estate listings.But it is definitely difficult to capture a photo that expresses the feeling of... continue reading

Nice surprise today

I found two of my pics were Editors' Choice today :) What a nice surprise!Blue gate on beach was shot while at the beach. I had to apply many levels adjustments and some dodging and burning to make the sky look dramatic and at the same time have the gate not sink in total shade. Had I had a flash at that time I would have probably filled in the shadows easily.Neoclassical building interior was shot many years ago in Messina with my newly bought Nikon d70. This building interior looked really... continue reading

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