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Freshwater fish isolations

I decided that I wanted to add to my portfolio some freshwater fish isolations for buyers looking for fish identification or as an insert to some projects they may be working on.Some little tips and tricks I have learned as I was doing this are:1. Get comfortable doing good isolations. It takes time and everyone has a different method but when it works you'll know it. If it isn't a good isolation it won't even get on the board.2. Add the latin name whenever possible to any animal... continue reading

Improvised Home Studio

Many stock photos are of isolated objects.... isolated either on white or some other neutral background.This isolation I believe... I may be wrong so if I am please correct me - happens at source. i.e. The Image is placed against a neutral background in a studio set-up in which lighting is done such that shadows are eliminated. Softboxes, fill-in flash and reflectors would be the tools of the day.I feel that isolation is done at source as to try and do this during pp, using Photoshop or... continue reading

What's the best isolation method?

If you hang around long enough in stock photography sooner or later you will start to get some isolated shots to add to your portfolio.I have read some very interesting methods that people use and many of them have excellent results.I know the easy answer that you hear a lot is " whatever works best for you"But what if what works best for me is what I have learned to get the job done but really isn't the best or easiest way to do it.So how about some good old interaction communication... continue reading

Isolation and magnification

I have learned a great deal from a lot of the Dreamstime folks that are willing to share information.One thing I really struggled with was how to isolate a subject.If you read the blogs you will find many ways to do this and I have tried most of them.I really believe that every body will find what best works for them. I find using the sponge tool works the best for me.But a tip I do have that seemed to turn the corner for me was to drastically crank up the magnification. I mean to... continue reading

Why is isolation a key to success ?

What is ISOLATION. It reffers to isolated objects in a photo or illustration. Isolated images get more views and more sales. Why ? Let us remember that most of the buyers are designers. Most designers probably put your downloaded images in a website or media article. It is common sense to choose a nice isolated object (usually on white background - this is another important key to success sales) and put it in your article, rather than using a whole composition that would fit better in a frame on the... continue reading

Full Body Isolation - A Quick Tutorial

So anyone who has submitted to microstock for more then a couple weeks already knows that one of the most popular styles of imagery offered here is the Isolated Model over white.While it is not horribly difficult it does take some skill to master and without a little guidance the trial and error involved in finding the right balance can be frustrating and time consuming.Like anything else in photography there are many different ways to arrive at the end product but atVegas Vision... continue reading

Trying something new

After recent success in adding some new types of images to my portfolio -- signing up two golf models, I attempted to take some of these images and isolate the golfers onto a white background thus furthering the diversification of my portfolio with existing images.I studied many of the posted blogs on isolation techniques and although it sounds easy on first read, I quickly learned that patience and practice are necessary for quality resultsThe first submissions were rejected, however on the... continue reading

Isolating still life!

One of the subjects I've learned more from is about isolating objects, still life...I always try to get daylight or good light. Since I'm not a pro and I don't have a photography studio, I do what I can.I got a large pure white fabric completely plain with no wrinkles, I fix it into a wall or plain surface (horitzontal and vertical). This is the background.Then I bought a pair of little table lamps and good white light bulbs.Then illuminate your subject taking care of no getting... continue reading

Getting the perfect white background Isolation in SECONDS

I've always found it very time consuming to get the perfect white background isolation even when I shot the object with a white background.But I've found a great instructional video online that will go over two simple steps to get the "perfect" white background as well as a method to check if your background is pure white.If you have been having troubles with this, the video is a MUST SEE.It is so easy and quick, I want to actually check my current photos and possibly resubmit them.Definitely... continue reading

How to screw up a good photo.

In my quest to increase my acceptance ratio, sales and number of photos I have in Dreamstime I have screwed up a few good photos.I always want that very pure white background with the perfect lighting. In doing so I thought I would learn to isolate them in photoshop.I of course am still learning this process so there are times I had a pretty good photo and kind of screwed it up by trying to isolate it.After a rejection I enlarged it up to 200 percent and sure enough some of the edges... continue reading

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