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Asanoha, an “Ode to Japan”

Not unusually, throughout time we get accustomed to symbols, glyphs and patterns so easily to the point of shamelessly ignoring their origin. Our society’s immediacy can become an almost unbeatable murderer to history and beautifully crafted stories.This simple text is a small pièce de résistance. (Read more @ LittleLion Studio) continue reading

Back in Busy-ness

And again it’s been a long time with no activity here for me.As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve returned to America, just outside of New Orleans.I’ve now been back for 2 months and in that time have only managed 2 uploads.I’m not sure if the pace will be much quicker than that in the coming months.Although I’m somewhat settled back in, I’m back in the movie business.And that means anywhere from 12 to 14 hours per day.Sometimes more.That doesn’t leave too much... continue reading


Recently we have spent not absolutely usual session of a photo. To execute this action, we have chosen Memorial Park in the city of Ryazan. There was few person, various wood ways, various trees stand separately: you can remove in birches, it is possible in pines. From minuses - dust presence. Before you will shoot, you should look carefully. It is easier to remove at once, than to edit later.Maria has kindly agreed to turn in a medieval Japanese wood demon - the character of the Japanese animation.... continue reading

Back to the West

As you may or may not have noticed, there hasn’t been too much activity on my account for some time.I’ve uploaded 1 photo since May.This photo counts as my quickest sale.It was approved on July 7 and sold on July 10.Anyway, the reason for such little activity is my return to the US.I’ve been living in Japan for nearly 3 years now, teaching English as part of the JET Program in junior high school and elementary schools.In about a month, I will return to my home, New Orleans.It... continue reading

Spring in Japan

Spring is the perfect season to go to Japan... Cherry blossoms, a few people, a lot of temples to visit!Tokyo is perfect if you want to walk a lot. Especially during night you can see the Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple) with wonderful artificial light. I like the five storied pagoda in nocturnal illumination!Kyoto is the most famous city if you want to live ancient traditions (tea ceremony, geisha dances...) or if you want to visit beautiful buildings, like the Gold Pavilion, with a very nice... continue reading

hi all

I am new to the community of stock photography,my line of business is canvas printing, for which I have started up a company in Osaka Japan, specializing in quality canvas prints of Japan and Australia.Till now, my prime motivation when out on photo shoots was of course to shoot Japanese landscape images and all sorts of objects with the intention of making art images.but now that I have been introduced to this new cyber world of imagery, I have a whole new and exciting reason to go forth into... continue reading

A few shots from Tokyo

Fellow Dreamstimers...I thought I might share a few shots from a recent business trip to Tokyo.The cityscape is a panoramic shot - composed of 5-6 individual shots. I thought it came together pretty good. I then used some HDR techinques on it to bring out the colors and the sky.Here's also a time-lapse shot of traffic in Tokyo.And finally, commuter train whizzing by. continue reading

Happy White Day!

On a recent trip to Japan I walked into several convenience stores to find that Valentine's Day was still in action.I thought it was simply overzealous retailers trying to get rid of stock - but on closer inspection I found that they celebrate 'White Day' in Japan.It occurs today, on March 14 (although I guess it is already the 15th in Japan as I write this)...White day is similar to Valentine's day, except instead of females giving males chocolates, the males reciprocate in kind.I'm no... continue reading


I spent the last couple of weeks in Okinawa, which was a welcome break from the cold weather in Calgary.Although work filled the time, I did get a couple of hours last weekend to go to Bolo Point (Cape Zanpa) and take some shots.The skies were quite stormy, which adds some drama...I love this photo - they are the stones of a garden.For some reason I love looking at them!The photo takes away all sense of scale, but the actual stones are about two cm across. continue reading

Japan Travel Log

3 years ago I had an opportunity to travel to Japan and some of the places there impressed me deeply, thought previously most cities in Japan should be sort of busyness view considering it’s one of the developed countries with its economy rapid increasing in Asia. However, the sites I’ll introduce hereafter are really different and worthy to be recommended.Nagoya is Located on the Pacific coast in the Chūbu region on central Honshū, it is one of Japan's major ports along with those... continue reading

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