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1000 Uploads: Reflection on Joining the Dreamstime Community

 What, at the time, seemed like every single day, my 8th Grade teacher would ask, "What did John Dewey say?”And we’d all reply, in unison, “You learn what you do!”Well, today I congratulate myself on 1000 uploads. I know. I know I said uploads and not sales but still, it’s a victory... at least to me. My acceptance ratio dipped pretty low at one point, but I’d like to think that as my acceptance ratio improves so does my photography.However, I still have images get... continue reading

Arriving at Dreamstime

“You can take moon pictures with it.” Said my friend.That sounded such a cool thing to do. I had never taken a photo of the moon.In fact, I had never even considered the possibility of taking a picture of the moon.For the previous eight years about 90% of the photos I had taken were wobbly one handed snaps of my son alongside associated toys, friends and relations. The other ten percent were indistinguishable blurs. They were all taken on my phone, at a time when phone cameras were not... continue reading

My fifth sales after joining DT for eight months

After joining DT for eight months and uploaded 70 pictures I have sold five of my photographs today!Thanks Dreamstime, this is a really good platform for photographer.BTW, I want to be a Exclusive at DT but it told me to have one payment request in my account history, does it mean I have to earn my first $100 and then I can be Exclusive?Here's my sold pics:      continue reading

Finally, first sale after joining DT for more than 2 months

Finally, since my first image online 2 months ago, my first sale comes today with a portfolio size of 86.This is the best reward for not giving up of uploading.Below is the image which brought me the first sale. Very exciting! continue reading

Shopping Frenzy *MY VERY FIRST TIME of joining the ON ASSIGNMENT

So this is it!!!Finally I have a huge courage to joining the 'On Assignment' competition.After several days of working, I finally sending 9 images.It is not about to win, but mostly about the awesome feeling in MY VERY FIRST TIME OF JOINING.And what makes me feel so happy is that 3 images of my 'on assignment' images have been downloaded during the subsmissions time.That's feel so 'wow!!'So please, Let me take you to feel every joy..Feel... continue reading

600 accepted pictures in 4 years joining Dreamstime.

600 accepted pictures till now joining DT since november 2008 .After a very slow start it became better by the time.Hope sales will improve too ! Saving money for new cameraequipment !!Wishing everybody a good ending of 2012 and many nice pictures and happy feelings for the coming years !! continue reading

New to DT and stock photography

Hi Everyone,I joined DT on 10/2009 as a buyer.A few months ago I entered some images as a contributerfor stock photos.I was acceptedand had my first sale a few days after. What a thrill!Now I have 75 images and 10 sales.Joining DT has greatly improved my photography skills as well.I am very excited to be among all of you continue reading

i nearly there...

its been a while when i started to upload my works here in DT. I always check my works its been a routine for me, when i see them all, i feel like a farmer looking up to my plants and watch them grow. now i am nearly hundred images (96 images online) and i am planning to add more. Every time when i have an idea i immediately get my pencil and my sketch pad and starting to draw - i am afraid maybe i lose it(he he he he he). thanks..... continue reading

Joining Efforts

Hello DT,After hearing some comments from some fellow members here about the low revenue comparing to the cost of having a professional model & a studio... I thought of something not really new, cause some pro photographers already do that! It might sound difficult but possible at the same time!What if we (photographers) start to join our efforts to reduce these costs to the minimum & start having the chances of shooting professional models!Yes that could be done by knowing the photographers... continue reading

hmmm....i just want to say hi to everyone.....

Hellow, everybody....I am kinda new here, i joined last October. i decided to join DT because i am inspired by my schoolmate in collage, i saw his work...which is very good. And i think if he can do it, i can do it to. so i uploaded all my works, at first i am very disappointed because out of 20 uploads only 4 are accepted. But i don't stop, i start doing some artsworks at my free time at work, is nice habit to, you can practice and improve your knowledge on your choosen field. it is nice to know... continue reading

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