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Assignment: jump in and on the road again

   It has been long time that I did not participate to Dreamstime assignments. I think that it is crucial to be part for the exposure purposes to bring more visibility on my portfilio and to have some place at the first of the search result page.Here, I jump in it :) again with this two picturesThe voting is opened ...Please, vote for your favorite pictures and good luck to all the participant.Thinks in advance for your votes.To vote please Click here continue reading

My life is never dull

 There is never a dull moment with Monty...I was the first to raise my hand when it was asked who wanted to be a martyr on behalf of Monty's hygiene...I make my first mistake of putting a regular leash on him..passing by his harness many times..get him in the car..drop the kids at school..finally on the way to the vet ..which of whom has chosen (without first looking at his behavior chart) to keep Monty the entire day to give him a bath.. all is well in the van ride there..then...we pull up.. Avery,... continue reading

Finally making the jump to full frame!!!

After waiting for over a year to see what Canon would produce with their Mark III, I've finally made the jump and ordered a Mark II for a drastic upgrade.While I have no doubt the III is going to be a mind blowing peice of equipment, I think for my particular situation it's a bit overkill and I'm sure I'llbe perfectly happy with the II for a $1000 savings. I can't wait to get my 16-35 on a full frame finally.In the meantime I'll be the one with my face pressed against my front door window eagerly... continue reading

The jump was made......

Some of you fellow DT-ers will remember the predecessor of this picture.last few months my CS5 skills were sharpened and I decided to make the jump to replace the previous version for the 'cleaner' version without the traces of birdsh*t.the previous one had 210 views in just a few months without any sales.let's see what is going to hapen............It's all about saleshappy continue reading

My first post... I'm so happy, as this...

Hello my friends,I have a question for all of you. When were you so happy as this?:)Wish you all the best, i will be back soon with other posts. continue reading

skip spring jump into summer

I am strictly a summer person. A fair weather friend, ha!ha!...what is summer to me? it's the season for good food, fresh sea foodhot sun, sweaty bodies,..and to the rescue , cold melting sweet treats of... ice creamand even more ice cream.Summer is when everything is full grown and every bee is buzzingand everyone is outsideenjoying themselves.I love Spring because it signals the end of winter.But Spring where I am is still full of chilly winds and... continue reading

The WOW factor

What is it?To me it is an image that just totally jumps out at you. An images that touches me on some level, an image I will never forget, an image I wish I had created, an image I wish I could create.How do you create an image with the WOW factor?LOL, I wish I knew.I thought for my 3rd blog, I would share some images that I have saved in a collection called "Images that WOW me": link to collection.These are the images so far on DT that I just knew I would want to look at again, the... continue reading

My love affair with horse-racing

Up until two years ago, I would have considered a day at the races to be something to associate with champagne, a few bets and watching primarily flat racing.Then I met my partner and suddenly I was seeing the world through the eyes of a National Hunt (that's jump racing) fanatic.I quite enjoyed the experience and then I got to go into the middle of the race-course and saw the horses close up.Photographing jumps became my passion, one longer lens anda monopod later I have now taken photos... continue reading

Freezing a jump

hi there this is my first blog article hope this help you guy and gal out there with freezing a person jumping in mid air.after much experiment i have found that you need at least 1/2000 or above in order to freeze a jump in mid air. it would be better if its 1/4000 or 1/8000 bur there lies the problem once your shutter speed is so high your aperture would have to open up which means that the sharpness of your images won't be as good as when your aperture is at F8 or F11.Adding flash into... continue reading

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