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Other pics approved

Hi DT peopleI'm happy to say you that DT has approved anothers 2 pics...Akeyboard with a focus on qwerty letters and a compositionof tessil tools...Now I want to create a little database of foodand food ingridents...Tell me goodluck ;) continue reading

A Quick Word Of Warning

If you ever pour a glass of water on your laptop keyboard, don't try to dry it up with your hair-dryer!You could end up with curly keys, which are cute to look, but hard to hit...It's good that the replacement of keyboard is not too tricky...:) continue reading

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts...

Do I love these shortcut keys in Photoshop (CS4)...Yes I do!There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts I have been recently introduced to.Better late than never!To undo an effect I used to use the Ctrl Z key combination and get that one undo.Now I useCtrl-Shift-Z (PC) or Cmd-Option-Z (MAC) for multiple undos! Just keep clicking and you now have multiple undos.You don't have to go into your history palette!My second favorite key combo is to flatten all the layers in your image to... continue reading

Personalize your e-mails with photography

About a year ago, I decided to take close up photos of individual scrabble tiles and key board keys. After isolating them, I arranged them into words and submitted them to DT. I then thought to use my own work to “sign” my out going e-mails.It is a unique way to “be different” when sending greetings, well wishes,proposals,etc. Adding my photographic work to my e-mails has shown me yet another way to stand out and be recognized. Try it, it works. continue reading

Illustrator Quick Tips

Do you know that by pressing Ctrl + H you can toggle show/hide selected path. This is useful to see your artwork without the selected paths obscuring your view, especially useful when coloring your objects.Do you know that by pressing Ctrl + U you can toggle on and off the smart guides feature. Smart guides are very useful if you want to move objects around and line it up against another object. But can be very annoying to have it on all the time. So Ctrl + U is a quick way to turn it on... continue reading

Useful photoshop shortcuts Part 3 ( Edit)

Edit ===========================Alt+EClear (selection) ---------------------------Delete / BackspaceColor Settings ------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+KCopy ----------------------------------------Ctrl+CCut ------------------------------------------Ctrl+XDuplicate Free Transform ------------------Ctrl+Alt+TFree Transform -----------------------------Ctrl+TTransform Again ----------------------------Ctrl+Shift+TKeyboard Shortcuts -------------------------Alt+Shift+Ctrl+KMenus... continue reading

Useful photoshop shortcuts PART 1

while using photoshop if you are using short cuts it not only speeds up your work process , but leaves you to concentrate more on your work.Here is a list of exceptionally useful shortcuts for using photoshop that might come handy for you.These are the standard/usual Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts we will hopefully move in second part with more advance levelsF (Toggle view) — This command lets you toggle your view area with or without tools or windowsCtrl + S (Save your work!) — This... continue reading

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