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Flags about wrong keywords - whose responsibility is it

Just a general idea about flags for wrong keywords...I have no beef with self policing policies but I do ask a question...whose resposibility should it be for the results of these flags...I will elaborate...I have been flagged twice...once for the word CRAPS in relation to the dice game that is played in all casinos...and again, for the word CLOTHESLINE, in relation to a typical spare in ten pin bowling.A quick google or wiki will show that both terms are correctly used for the particular public... continue reading

The key word for keywords is: Simplicity

Wherever I have information available about the terms used by buyers to select an image they have invariably used one of the simplest terms in my keywords list.Recent sales for me that highlight this include the terms 'gravel path' and 'headphones' as well as 'inhaler' and 'Egypt'.What this makes clear is that all of the time and effort I put in during my early days in stock photography researching complex keywords such as 'giraffa camelopardalis' (Latin for Giraffe) and the many similar keywords... continue reading

Keywords are so important!

We all know how time consuming keywording can be, but it really is a vital stage of uploading that should be given just as much thought as the taking of and the processing of the image.Yesterday, I had a spare hour and so thought I would look at some of my images to see if I could improve the keywords.I removed some and also added quite a few new ones.I also had a go at using Yuri Arcurs really useful keywording tool to see if this would make any difference to the words that I was coming up... continue reading

These keywords unknown! How many keywords for photos?

The Keywords: These unknown.I'm trying different solutions to increase sales of my photographs.But I asked:- It 'better to write very few keywords, such as 7 to 8or- It 'better to have numerous keywords (always inherent to photography) with various synonyms to use?I translate from Italian and my keywords for each keyword, there are many synonyms.How does the search engine Dreamstime picture?Suggestions are always welcome.byeFedericoFoto continue reading

New News or Old News in DT?!

So, did you know that if you click on the tilte of a photo, it will let you find similar photos based on the title? Is it public knowledge or did I just discover yet another thing in DT?I can't decide whether it's better (with examples):a- for the title to be so specific that no other competing photos can be found when a buyer clicks the title of the photo:b- to put a general title so that if the buyer clicks the title of a similar photo, you get more chances... continue reading

DT popular searching keywords during the last year.

To get success in the micro stock business we have to take into consideration that different stock agency has different style, approaches & preferences. I did not find informationwhat DT buyers are looking for & decided to collect dates from the DT POPULAR SEARCH during the last year (from January 2011 to January 20012). I tried to do this as frequently as possible. It was not the 24 hours monitoring. Unfortunately some of dates are missed & statistic can’t be reliable. That is why the keywords... continue reading

The Practical Keyworder - Long-tail Keywords and Microstock

What are long tail keywords? Well, to start with you need to understand the nature of microstock and long tail theory in general. "The Long Tail," is a term that was coined by tech writer Chris Anderson in his article "The Long Tail" The piece describes how content providers - which is what a microstock agency like Dreamstime is - succeed not just by having "hits"; i.e. selling a few photos lots of times (bestsellers), but also but also by selling a lot of different photos just a few times.As... continue reading

Tip: Taking Care with the Use of Brandnames

Is that business man really giving a "PowerPoint" or is he giving a slide presentation?Is that woman "Googling" or surfing the Internet? Are those really "Lego" in the photo or some other brand of building bricks?Is your dog wearing a "Speedo" or just a very small swim suit?I think we could all do a better job of recognizing protected brandnames what have creeped into popular culture.For example here are some common abuses of using brandnames instead of the actual object.“AstroTurf... continue reading


keywordsI was wondering how you will act for entering keywords and titles of your images, especially when it comes to a series of images quite similar to each other or who are from the session with a similar concept.In general I write a description and keywords on a Word document with the description and keywords, and insert directly into the raw fiels before work, so that once worked and loaded the image I choose only the most appropriate categories and you're done, but at the end of the games... continue reading

Keywords on old images

Having been here for over one year now, I have found that experience does make a difference.Over time, you get better at "keywording" your images.I have gone over my early images and found many that could use a "spruce up".You will find that if you go over your early entries, that you will be able to find some new keywords to add.Don't forget your early entries.They've been good to you.Be good to them.I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.Cheers,... continue reading

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