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New skills

I've been exited about the last few months. I have been taking a formal course in Photoshop, and have begun to realize what a powerful tool it is. Things I used to wonder about and question are now becoming clear to me. I'm learning about masking, manipulating different layers of a photo, changing the background in a photograph, isolating different areas of a photo and a whole lot more.The things I used to do to my pictures to make them look better have become a lot easier now. I'm anxious to... continue reading

The Most Important Things About Photoshop All Beginners Must Know

So there I was, staring at my computer monitor and looking at the family picture I had taken hours earlier. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Sis and her boyfriend, my little brother and the dog. In the background was our house, an old mobile home in the trailer park.The picture was a disaster. Grandma looked like she was wearing a fright wig, lots of hairs standing straight up. Grandpa had a big toothy grin except for the toothy part as he had forgotten to put in his teeth. Mom's teeth were all... continue reading

500th Image accepted

Well after a little over 3yrs, I've had my 500th image acceptedWorking with the ups and downs of photos being accepted or rejected can be quiet a trial and needs more then a little patience at times, as I do get it wrong occasionally.View the rejections and learn to what is expected or required and things will improve.Many thanks for reviewing. continue reading

one of my favorite images

One of my favorite pictures. I must strive to learn photography techniques, achieve the goal of a picture online. continue reading

Don't mention your interest in photography

Everyone I meet believes they are an expert photographer. It seems that the ownership of a camera and the expertise to use it appropriately can both be purchased from the store at the same time. Sadly, I didn't get the joint package. I had to study, practice, spend time reviewing, reading, trying, experimenting and learning before I became even half passable. All of this work has shown me that I am nowhere near 'best in class' and that I still have an awful lot more work to do.So why does... continue reading

Beware of Empty Praise

Maybe it’s a generational thing but I really have a distaste for empty praise.I really cringe at the thought of getting praise for work that I know is subpar.Maybe I’m too hard on myself but I truly believe one can not advance when one is constantly told how good they are if they internally know that they can do better.Sure it takes an outside opinion to give one perspective but we are constantly surrounded by biased opinions from family, friends and people desperate to be your, or anyone... continue reading

Continuous learning and review. The art of success?

Like many people on DT I have spent time looking at other people's portfolios and wondering what they have done to get the often exceptional sales to portfolio size ratios they have.One thing that is obvious is that there is a need for a mixed portfolio consisting of a range of topics that ideally combine the interests of the photographer with their technical capabilities and the needs of our customers.There are clearly many talented photographers on DT who have managed to reach this wonderful... continue reading

Free Lightroom 4 Online Course Class

I have the Lightroom 4 upgrade on order.Meanwhile I'm looking forward to watching the upcoming CreativeLive streaming class on Lightroom 4.CreativeLive streams its photography classes for free for those who register and sell videos of the classes later if you want to watch at your own pace.They offer great vantage point into the world of professional photographers in which you gain all kinds of tips you might otherwise miss in books or online.I recently watched one on studio lighting and... continue reading

Why Going Exclusive with Dreamstime Makes Sense For Me.

I am pretty excited. I was accepted as an exlusive contributor!So photography is more of a part time hobby and I have a full time job. I started out with a competitve agency and soon started using Dreamstime. I found I did not have time to keep up with posting on two different agencies so I started thinking about going exclusive. Most people advise against going exclusive, but it seems to make sense with limited time. After some research and much contemplation I decided to go with Dreamstime.... continue reading

First milestone reached, 100 uploads

Eventually achieved 100 uploads, learned a lot from being accepted and being rejected, in focus, wb, composition etc.Will try my best to get to my 2nd milestone ASAP.Next task will be how to improve the skills to finally improve the sales.Continue fighting! continue reading

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