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Licences and how to obtain them for my art work, help!

I went yesterday from being totally excited to have a new source for my art.I bought several photos that I would love to paint.Then I realized there are difference kinds of licenses and I might not have bought the right to paint these.Who understands when I need to buy a pel license and how much do they cost and what photos are elligible?Also I want to become a contributor of my horses jumping and jiving.Could someone please clarify the license for art.I have a show in the Lost... continue reading

Wow...W-EL sale!! The second EL!!

The second EL (W-EL) ! Exciting day!Thanks DT!Thanks buyer!The first EL (P-EL): continue reading


How many of your sales are "Print Usage (P-EL)"? I've got 5 so far (shown below), pretty good increase in earnings such sales bring!My latest P-EL was today, the swan, hence this blog... Go ahead and post yours. continue reading

Have you ever had an Print-EL or Web-EL sale?

Dear DT Photographers,I just saw a blog entry whery a lucky guy is telling that he just hadan SR-EL sale. Well I don't offer these kind of licence, but Ioffer Print-EL and WEB-EL.My question is now. Have you ever had Print-EL or Web-EL sales?Me not, but maybe there are some photographers which already had some of these downloads.Thank you for your continue reading


On my day by day as a designer! I always get new needs for more & more photos, even with the data base of photos that I already made!My new client is a school for driving license, and though I had to analyze his needs!First as usual knowing his likes & preferences!See what contents he might deliver to me!The dimension of his business!Who are his clients!According to all the above I take the next step of creating a small site as an advertising for the business & try my best to match his... continue reading

This shot was well worth bearing the heat for

Last month I had my first downloads for this image,6 and 7 credit purchases. Today I got my first Dreamstime Extended license (P-EL).The beach itself is quite a popular one, but it was HOT and I probably wouldn't have gone out myself, however I was showing a friend around who was on a tight schedule.What's interesting about the shot is that it was the first shot of the day. It usually takes me a while to warm up when I'm out shooting, in the old days I could pretty much disregard the first... continue reading


As I said in my last post, it is really hard to find out where my stuff ends up being applied (and under which license), but when I do, most times, I am happy to report, they are used in items I wouldn’t mind have sitting in the living room, lying on the bed, hanging on the wall or sitting on shelf… not at all! ;-) (read more...) continue reading

'Sale, sale, sale...' Second and third

In my previous blog I wrote about my first extended license. It was (U-EL) license that costs 25 credits. It happened on 1st of October, but a few days later, on 23rd of October I had another "big" sale. An image of my son playing with shaped blocks was sold with standard RF license, but at Level 5 in additional format ('Play!' assignment file). That sale was worth 28 credits! Baby playing with plastic toy.Right now I am on long business trip. I tried to pay hotel bill, but twice failed to guess... continue reading

New Sales OfP-EL License

Very happy, Year 2009 first time sales with P-EL License. This photo i taken in Brisbane History Church.Before my last sales is on 10/30/2008. Very long time got one sales, but i still very happy and very hard work to hit another sales. continue reading

Sale, sale, sale...

I am almost 25 months on DreamsTime. My portfolio is not so big, with average monthly uploads at 23 images.Yesterday at the end of 3rd Quarter of 2009, I had my 700th sale. All sold images from my portfolio were regular RF or Editorial license.Today I had a very hard day at my work. At the end of day I saw big increase (for me it is big) at my earnings balance. My 701st sale occured to be Extended license (U-EL)!!! 25 credits at one time!!! What a surprise.It took long to get that sale, but... continue reading

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