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New realistic render engine for blender3d

I'v been working with blender3d intense for about 3 years.It is pretty nice software for modeling and animation.For realistic rendering there are some external plugins like yafaray,luxrender,etc.My favorite external render is yafaray.It gives me the speed in my renderings and realism.With new blender3d 2.60 version it came also the new realistic rendering engine called cycles.It renders in realtime,so you can rotate ,zoom and out and see the final render very quickly.To get very quick results in realtime... continue reading

3 Things You Must Get Right to Get Your Photos Online

This photo uses the line of cheese wheels to draw the viewer's eye into the image.It may not be easy, but it is simple.The three most important things to nail down if you want to get your photos accepted at this, or any, stock site are focus, lighting and composition.Subject matter and creativity go along way towards getting sales, but if these three elements are not in order, your image won't pass the initial screen by the reviewers.If it isn't online, it can't sell.It's that simple.... continue reading

Beauty Lighting - by JP Caldeano

BEAUTY LIGHTINGWith beauty lighting, I try to get my light sources as large as possible. One of the things I say over and over is, the larger your light source is in relationship to your subject, the softer the light. So for beauty lighting, I generally get the modifiers (soft boxes / reflectors) as close to my subject as possible.If I want to achieve an even shadow less light, I use 2 pieces of poly board 4”x4”. I position one above the camera at a 45 degree angle, and the second one... continue reading

Sticks Night Shoot

I've said it quite a lot in the past that I am thankful to be blessed with a job that has literally taken me to a lot of places, and has given me unique opportunities to meet very interesting people....I still am thankful and will continue to be.One such magazine assignment gave birth to a regular gig for me with a furniture design house.I can't really explain why I love this place....maybe it's the layout, or the designs... or maybe because the owner/designer is such a nice guy!The showroom... continue reading

Simple Lighting Set Up

2011 has been great!Lots of firsts and great opportunities!Let's all wish everyone an awesome and productive 2012!For my first blog entry this year,I would like to share how I lit for the images you will see below.My client asked me to photograph their past awards and trophies with some drama in the lighting.Not really sure for what they'll use if for but that's really beyond my business.This is really simple,I used two strobes here and zoomed both to 105mm to produce small beams... continue reading

Perfect High Key Images

I have put up a New Article on my Personal BlogLighting The Pixel Perfect Isolation about how to set up and control your lighting in the studio to obtain a perfect white background.It is not a light read but if you are interested in creating images such as these for stock then I think you will find the techniques and lighting chart provided useful. I would post it all here but to be honest it is a 5 pages read plus illustration and due to the limitations of image posting in the DT Blog I cant... continue reading

Beauty In a Box

It is often suggested that beauty shoots should be lit with big, soft lights.But what if you can't fit those big light modifiers in the room?As was the case for this project.With space constraint,I decided that I can use that small space to my advantage.Instead of brining in big light modifiers,I turned that small space into some sort of a giant light tent.We covered the walls on each side and at the back of our subject with white styrofoam and bounced light off them....voila!... continue reading

A Quickie Shoot with a Household Name

Once again, my apologies for being quiet for a while.I've been spending my downtime sleeping 'cause it's been really busy the past months.Anyway, if you're from the Philippines, I'm sure you're familiar with the brand name Mama Sita.Am truly thankful that I got the rare chance to photograph the son of the woman who started this business which eventually became a household name among almost every filipino kitchen.A busy person that he is,I knew that I had to keep the shoot as quick as... continue reading

There's Not Enough Light

Just in case you don't know yet....I would like to share with you this very old trick.If in the future you'll get an assignment to shoot someone who's supposedly looking onto a computer monitor or a TV and wants the effect that the monitor is illuminating their face, forget about trying to capture that available light from the monitor to light your subject's face.It is just too weak.Instead, put a speedlight there, zoom it out to its widest angle and set it at its lowest power and you'll... continue reading

Tip - Cheap Flash Units for DIY Studios

Lately I've been experimenting with a DIY home studio setup in the basement.I started with continuous lighting using large CFLs but moved on to trying out flash units.I picked up an inexpensive flash trigger systems for three unitsfrom iShoot off Ebay that consists of a trigger that sits in the flash holder on your camera and three receiver units that fire the flashes.So far the results have been great.I picked up a couple of inexpensive umbrella stands, a few flash clamps and a few... continue reading

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