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Hi everyone, today I like to share how I created the lighting for my this latest picture.Well we all know in short there are two kind of lighting, continuous light (which is sunlight, tungsen, torch or....... ) and strobe light (which is flash).In this picture I used both, click the link below to the setting picture I share from my page.1) First light shine through the tracing to create that soft light toward the face.2) Second light is a snoot with honeycomb that light up the Christmas... continue reading

Tip - Moving Indoors

Since starting to contribute to Dreamstime, I've been driving all around this past summer and fall looking for people, places and things to photograph.Now that the leaves and temperature have fallen and the sky's are gray, I've started moving indoors and have been experimenting with a DIY home studio in a spare bedroom.My supplies include a roll of white paper from Staples, black and white poster board and some 300 watt CFLs I found at Home Depot.Lately I've added a new flash unit, found... continue reading

Christmas Setup

I live in a tropical country and we don't have any snow fall here. so for this reason I used icing sugar to create snow.1) I put a 2 X 3 ft wide X 2 inch tall tray on a table top and frame the angle I want. Then I start to fill the angle with icing sugar and Christmas Ornament.2)I place my mini Christmas Tree to fill the background and further behind I cover the window with my blanket. This allow the sun shine through it and create a similar texture like another Christmas tree (further behind)... continue reading

The Party's Over

I don't consider myself a studio photographer, in fact I struggle with indoor lighting and really admire the work of those of you who do such amazing studio photographs.But I live the Pacific Northwest of the US and it really isdark and rainy for about seven months a year (some would say nine but I'm an optimist). While I thrive on a blue sky and the opportunity to drive around looking for interesting stuff to shoot I am now once again facing the inevitable need to shoot indoors.Ironically,... continue reading

Preparing for winter

In preparation for the long cold winter months I have been on a bit of a spending spree to helo me produce new content over winter and my first purchase was a light cube, I had been using an array of stuff to get a studio type shot.Including glasses, clothes pegs bits of paper and the top of a fridge freezer to get some shots against a white back ground.I wanted to be able to have a little more control and something a little more sturdy so that I could work on some different idea but I was... continue reading

Studio lighting.

I have a home studio, it is set up in my garage, I have gradually built up my gear.I started off using my camera flash on a remote trigger mounted on my tripod, a secondary flash set on "slave". To give differing lighting set ups.My full time job as an engineer meant I could make mounting brackets to hold umbrellas, as well as supports to hold backdrops. These were 96" wide (double width bolt) lengths of black fabric from a local shop.I also aquired the end of a roll of 2.5m white clay-coated... continue reading

Six months in...

Well I have been submitting here at DT for 6 months and thought I would write a blog about my experiences...My first image on line was a picture that I took last summer without any incling of submitting it for stock but t got me on the line and started my journey...Since then I have submitted 441 pictures (not counting those that are in the queue) and managed to get 286 of those accepted AR64%.It was difficult to get images accepted when I was starting out with me receiving a whole host... continue reading

Studio lighting for beginners

I read over time many threads regarding studio lights.... Many beginners in stock photography wonder what kind of lights others contributors use? some photographers use expensive lights and big studious other makeshift studios in the corner of their room. Not many contributorsare willing to invest large sums of money in lights from the from the beginning....I want to tell you about my low budget around $290 light setup that i obtained good results:2xExcella 80w flashes with tripod attachments... continue reading

Wishlist for better camera

Camera manufacturers have till now been mostly obsessed with megapixels.My wishlist1. Have a detachable 3 inch LCD screen with shutter button, aperture and shutter speed control, review and drive mode change. Also able to attach it to the flash for easier change of off camera lighting options for single photographers without assistants. This lcd screen can be paired up to the camera by a certain numbering system but can allow other lcd screens to see this camera’s view point also for video... continue reading

In the Midst of Rejection How to Find Meaning

Well guys, I started out with the desire to do only Christian stock but after several rejections, I found that I needed to take a step back and re-group. This is not to say that I won't pursue Christian stock anymore, not at all. I will and I am. But for now, I want to share with others that in the midst ofrejection, you can still find meaning. You can still find a place to grow and learn- like I have.I've always been a "dive in, check the depth later" type of person. And... that's not always... continue reading

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