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Building a New Studio

Just in case some of you are still fighting the snow and ice and need something to think about, how about a new studio?You can learn from the best and Yuri has a new one to show you.I just saw this post and knew that it would get some of you photogs out of the winter doldrums just looking and deciding how to duplicate it.Lucky for me, it's becoming spring in my area and I have more important things to occupy my small mind!Such as, AHHHMMM, anyway, go forth and recreate if you dare. continue reading

My (almost) free lighting setup

Some of the most asked questions on the message boards are about lighting. Where do I get it? What do I get? Is there anything cheaper? Whats the best?I thought I would take some time to share my lighting setup with you.Here it is...Custom Light BoxI know it doesn't look very pretty but the images I have made with it are! I put this one together in about an hour or two using a cardboard box, pieces of white fabric, large white sheet of paper, masking tape, three lamps, three natural... continue reading

Creating of Ferrari 458 restyled

3d modeling and rendering of beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia.I'v found a lot's of reference images,but still couldn't catch every detail.Also my creative side is always stronger then need for accuracy.When I'v got modeling as I want it,then I'v focused on renderings.Almost 2 days I'v been trying to get beautiful renderings like photographs do with real cars.I'v been searching a lot on the internet,about lighting cars studio setup.I tried to simulate it in my 3d software blender3d 2.49b and realistic... continue reading

Cold weather...

The weather in the UK has been cold and grey for the last couple ofweeks andI'm looking forward to getting out in the winter sunshine to do some landscape shots of the Berkshire countryside.A few sporting model shoots planned for next month, and some more studio work, I'm hoping to buy a light tent soon, and make my self a light table to make lighting set ups easier !Dave continue reading

The Ever Versatile Beauty Dish

Today I thought I would share a classic portrait technique with you. This is a quick and easy lighting setup that can be used for head shots and portraits. The gear required is minimal and the space needed is even less. This setup can be effectively utilized in a very small space.The lighting chart shows the setup with a beauty dish on the key light but you can easily substitute a small soft box, shoot through or reflective umbrella if you do not have a beauty dish. The quality of the light will... continue reading

More useful sources for food photographers

About a year ago I posted about Lou Manna's work, which can be the great source of inspiration for all who are keen on food photography.Today I'd like to share some more useful (of course, from my POV) links: the first one is to the interview with Jennifer Davick who is the Food Photographer at Southern Living magazine in Alabama. I especially like she uses only real food, "nothing is doctored or faked" - that's great, I adhere to this position in my practice.She says: "Simplicity is the... continue reading

What Does it Mean?

I just looked at my most recent rejections and the reasons for the rejections.I could understand most of them, which were things like: "poor lighting setup", "poor contrast or incorrect exposure", "white balance parameter not correctly assigned"...and then there was this one: "poor optical performance due to low lens quality."A lot of my files were rejected because of lens fringing and chromatic aberrations.I researched what lens fringing was and apparently the lens I'm using does not have... continue reading

Do you dot your i dots

As a practitioner of Graphology, I have noticed that there are some people who do not dot their i dots. I have been teaching some people photography over 4 years and realised that these people generally don't like using off-camera lighting.They prefer using the flash on top of their camera and don't like using the flash off camera with an umbrella as I normally teach them to do. For some of my classes, I have asked around and confirmed that people who like to learn lighting usually dot their i... continue reading

Professionally yours, my stock diary

I began shooting stock a few month's ago after being inspired by photographer yuri arcus.Ive always been interested in photography and my grandfather and uncle used to develop film in the bathtub of their country home.I decided a few month ago after being injured at work to take up photography full time and learning all of the ropes of stock from the best in the business.I went out and bought a new canon 7d with 28-135mm lens to practice with. since then ive taken some really bad photos and... continue reading

Portrait Lighting

Hi, we've just published an article on Portrait Lighting, where we explained the basic lighting techniques and schemes for creating 5 types of portraits. Please check it out and let us know what you think.Portrait Lighting continue reading

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